Until the 1980s and 1990s, Indian engineering / management education was dominated by the IITs, IIMs, Government institutions and a handful of non-government participants like BITS and a few others  Read More
At a time when "creativity" has become the essential buzzword in the corporate and academic world alike, the real discourse is about the "culture" of creativity. The great products and services that we see, or the ideas that solve our problems  Read More
This is the often beaten to death topic that all of us in the colleges and corporates talk and/or worry about. The statistics indicate various aspects – some samples below: 90% of the Indian Engineering graduates are not employable  Read More
When Frederick Taylor began his studies in Scientific Management, he used a stopwatch to track productivity with the goal of improving performance  Read More
I spent the holidays with highly accomplished professionals including three physicians, one attorney, and an entrepreneur. All but one took me aside to ask whether they should start using social media for career purposes, which is something, none of them have done before. In each case, they were wrestling with two questions:  Read More
You need to clearly define the outcomes and purpose for your Social Media Strategy  Read More
Never hire an engineer who does not have a passion for engineering and sound in fundamentals or basics  Read More
With news of economic turmoil in the US and EU, both of which accounts for more than three fourths of revenues for Indian software companies,   Read More
Over the past three years, several initiatives have been taken in this direction, starting with the announcement of a National Policy on Skill Development specifying the roles of all stakeholders - government, industry, trade unions and civil society.  Read More
As per the data from a large IT organization, huge investments are being made which may varyies in the range of US $34000 to US $110,000 per annum and the focus is also shifting towards engaging employees to understand the customers' customer and becoming deployable from employable.   Read More
A competency profile of a role is nothing but the list of those competencies in the organization's competency framework that are required by an individual to perform well in that particular role.  Read More
The fundamental focus of Lean in working from the point of view of Customer Value has already shown very encouraging results.  Read More
Institutional efforts that have managed to scale have largely been focused on just one or two of the many issues on hand – like faculty training, certification or soft skills.  Read More
The most abused word in the English language as far as academia goes; virtually every school child has it hammered into their heads to be disciplined  Read More
Employability skills are the basic skills necessary for getting and retaining a job and performing well in a given role.  Read More
June 2016
Volume 7
Issue 2

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