From rhythmic to disruptive change, computing has seen a sea of transformation since it came into being; that’s history! Besides, running after the GenX has been the modus operandi for the IT industry and the “GenX” was initially the ENIAC that has been taking various shapes till Cloud Computing to Edge Computing.  Read More
Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently launched an ambitious programme called Startup India Standup India. This was aimed at revolutionizing and accelerating the startup revolution in India, which is already witnessing strong traction.   Read More
Almost to the day, 10 years ago, on a summer afternoon, I recall an interesting conversation with a friend about the potential of Analytics, sitting in an empty coffee shop on the beach.   Read More
“Venture and burn the fingers” “fail, learn and grow” such phrases are stressful motivators that either bewilder the aspirant entrepreneurs to fall for the rat race, or curl them into the closet doing nothing. Though entrepreneurs are widely “categorized” as people with the guts to take risks, it should also be counted that entrepreneurship is not all about taking risks alone.  Read More
Each of us is different, what works for an entrepreneur does not work for others. If we follow some of the best practices, we could fall flat on our face.  Read More
In India, you can find lot of promotional programmes like Entrepreneurial Development Programmes calling engineering students to become entrepreneurs.  Read More
Reading through various resources for this issue on StartUp India, I came across three pivotal pieces of information that have made me write this. In fact, as I’m writing this I’m into pulling the pieces of entrepreneurial trend tiles to make a cube of perspective that will let you choose the positives from the trends and set the colors right for your specific purposes. Read on!  Read More
In a recent notification pertaining to the Startup India initiative of the Government of India released in the mid February 2016, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and various other Ministries of the Government of India have come up with various stipulations and regulations for creating conducive environment for startups in India.  Read More
Here's to the brave ones, to the ones who jump off the cliff and build their wings on the way down, and to the ones who are strong enough to reveal their vulnerability.  Read More
2015 dawned with a sign of fresh start to some of the aspiring marketers out there. Since this year is perceived as a year full of marketing developments, surprises and the like, some people were encouraged to produce their own start-ups to go with the flow  Read More
We see so many talented entrepreneurs today, with brilliant ideas and innovative solutions. A good lot of them are young, and have graduated from an Engineering college or a B-School a few years ago. Being a mentor, advisor, a virtual CxO in their businesses, most often I come across a question as to whether they need to go for any specific courses or upgrade their skills in a formal way.  Read More
"If your objective is only to make money, then I would raise a caution flag that this is probably not the right way to approach entrepreneurship."  Read More
Becoming an icon isn’t a stressful job, a mix of defining an objective for life, keen concentration and a heart that strives for consistent success makes one. This interview features Vijay Varada, Chief Executive Officer, Fracktal Works (P) Ltd. and Rohit Asil, Director, Fracktal Works (P) Ltd., the stalwarts that are redefining the horizon of success, as young entrepreneurs who have carved their milestone by modeling their own business arena.  Read More
A lot of the traits listed are value based. Home is where values are evolved!  Read More
Instilling a culture of technology entrepreneurship in an academic institution has many benefits. Both faculty and students benefit from this activity  Read More
Over 600,000 companies go out of business every year in the U.S. alone. Infant Entrepreneur Mortality is a massive problem  Read More
We saw technology as a tool that enhances life experiences and decided to explore the ways to use it  Read More
Entrepreneur is a "no no" word in our societal set up. Students are tuned for corporate environment determined by our academic system  Read More
MobME is a young and vibrant Mobile Internet company with a track record of providing Value Added Services for Mobile Phone users and Carrier Grade Solutions for Telecom Operators since 2006. Sanjay Vijayakumar , Co-Founder & CEO Enterprise shares his story of his dream startup MobME…  Read More
The big opportunity as well as challenge is with the young human resource pool we have in the country.  Read More
An entrepreneur is a special kind of beast who sees opportunities in everything, easily excited by ideas own or otherwise, takes a plunge and marches on to make a meal of it  Read More
Firstly, an entrepreneur must have the intent and desire to provide an eventual exit to an external investor. Most external investors have a limited investment horizon and hence need an exit sometime  Read More
Datacom & Telecom products, Educational tablets, interactive whiteboards and digital pads along with lecture management software, software product for serving professional in medical field, software product for the travelers.  Read More
CMO Axis is a literally a start-up which was started from a garage to grow on to win the TIE Award. What were the different things you did to achieve what you have?  Read More

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