For as little as $4 a day Indian workers process dangerous, toxic waste by hand. This unregulated, highly  Read More
we explore how much of the brain a person uses. We also bust some widely held myths and reveal some interesting facts about the brain.  Read More
If you Google “Reading,” it will throw over 1,830,000,000 results. If you rephrase your search to “Is it good to  Read More
As per a survey in 2020 we will have 35 crore young population which will be more powerful large population  Read More
“As adjectives, the difference between being eligible and qualified is that “eligible” is being suitable  Read More
ICT Academy has continuously endeavored to provide appropriate inputs to faculty members and academia  Read More
“As teachers, we should accept the fact  Read More
Fabrics generally carry various microorganisms which cause several problems to the wearer. Microbial infections cause danger to the skin and therefore, the garment worn next to the skin requires antimicrobial finish. The speedy growth in the textile industry has created many opportunities for variety of innovative finishes.  Read More
It had been quite some time that I had been dreaming of a journey to Sikkim. I had discussed it with many of my friends. Most of them seemed really interested to join me; but as is the case with mostpeople, they had way too many difficulties standing in the way of a trip like this.  Read More
I am an Associate Professor of Mathematics, working at D. G. Vaishnav College, Chennai. I Founded Pie Mathematics Association in 2007, and am indulged in activities to popularize mathematics Education in India.Like doing social service and involve myself in teaching freely for poor and underprivileged students of many areas in mathematics.   Read More
People take the art form for a career. In her case, the Indian classical art form “Bharatnatyam” took form in the ace dancer Rukmini Devi who dedicated her life and advocated the cause of Bharatnatyam which then was considered as a low and vulgar art.  Read More
My fascination for Madras dates back from my childhood seventy years ago. In 1935, as a boy of seven living with my grandparents in Ariyalur, then a small village, I had the first glimpse of the great city, when grandfather took me there during X-Mas holidays to my aunt’s house at Purasawakkam  Read More
Wonder how plants grow?! Yes, through germination. Believe! Inventions grow through imagination. Got a nursery, but hate messing up with changing the pots as your dear plants grow? Read at once the article below to know about the growing plant pot. Yes, it’s hot!  Read More
There is much ado about 2016, a usual effervescence that evolves every New Year in which every field on earth ponders about something, expects something to happen, make predictions about everything on earth. People of telescope, though regularly peep into the sky would come with something new for every New Year and nature has also been merciful to cater to their needs. So what’s new for 2016? Read here!  Read More
Is it really worth so much that we stress & strain and lose our health and mind for something that has a diminishing value?  Read More
In a country with 1.3 billion populace only 2% own cars. Since owning a sedan in India could cost you around Rs. 40,000 a month.  Read More
A tsunami is a series of sea waves caused by an underwater earthquake, landslide, or volcanic eruption. More rarely, a tsunami can be generated by a giant meteor impact with the ocean.  Read More

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