The candidate answered all the questions accurately and the interviewer told him to jump off immediately. The candidate thanked the interviewer and jumped off.  Read More
It’s not a scientific topic, just want to take you towards the essential purpose of your life, just want to  Read More
Earlier in June, we discussed on “Stress – Myth & Practices”. Now, we’ll discuss the stress experienced by teachers and students due to the influence of various stressors.  Read More
I'm not perfect, and occasionally a typo sneaks into my article. If I'm lucky, a sharp-eyed and kind person will send me a private email or message to point out my error. If I'm not, a soulcrusher will post a snide comment such as, "Nice article. Too bad you can't spell."  Read More
Mobile penetration has taken over the world with 5 billion mobile subscriptions for the population of 6 Billions. Till now, these devices are used as telecommunication media and seen as an alternative to telephone or max to max to do an e-commerce  Read More
Stress is a common factor in everyone's life. At different stages of life human beings undergo or experience stress due to various reasons. Let's glance through certain general myths about stress here.  Read More
Though blogging is an indulgence and a pastime professional blogs are virtually nonexistent. Its the right time to get started  Read More
You can believe yourself, only when you are believable to yourself.  Read More
Everything around you remains the same; it is your approach towards it that provides you with lot of opportunities  Read More
Well, if you're true to yourself you're going to be true to everyone else.  Read More
An anaemic mindset: Contrasts the above individuals with those who demonstrate quite the opposite.  Read More
It was an important day in my life. Yes, my very first day at college. My mother and I were seated in a huge auditorium filled with students and parents for the inaugural function of the new batch. All new faces, lot of excitement among students and strong expectation from the parents  Read More
In a country with 1.3 billion populace only 2% own cars. Since owning a sedan in India could cost you around Rs. 40,000 a month  Read More
A senior manager in a top IT company wrote to his counterpart on the client side after a personal interaction, "Thank you for your time with me. I was amazed at your waste experience…" He had meant to say vast experience!  Read More
"How about giving your keys to the doctor and request him to take the old lady to the hospital, and you staying back with your dream girl or boy spending a beautiful stormy night in the forest?"  Read More
Be clean and neat, including your fingernails, teeth, shoes, hair and face Conservative two-piece business suit in a basic color  Read More
Training prepares people to successfully sail through these critical junctions.  Read More
Being a part of the recruitment panel, it is disheartening to see that youngsters do not understand the importance of spoken communication, and are not taking it serious.  Read More
The four aspects of communication: reading, listening, speaking and writing are equally essential and important.  Read More

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