From rhythmic to disruptive change, computing has seen a sea of transformation since it came into being; that’s history! Besides, running after the GenX has been the modus operandi for the IT industry and the “GenX” was initially the ENIAC that has been taking various shapes till Cloud Computing to Edge Computing.  Read More
There are unlimited humanoid personal robot flooded into the market by many companies today. The  Read More
AI is everywhere. Intelligence is no longer exclusively human.  Read More
ICT Academy, a confluence of industry, academia  Read More
Enterprises are getting increasingly pressured with modern day demands related to competition getting stiffer, rising customer demands, margins getting lower, cost of operations ringing higher without relevance to products’ performance, cost of overheads shooting up & the shooting up of inflation. Engineering companies are no exception.  Read More
To produce quality code, industry follows some best practices. We have been exploring them one by one. Already we have discussed about Coding Standards in the last issue. Now let us discuss about Code Generation.  Read More
I remember getting euphoric a decade ago, as a teenager, seeing the motherboard of my new desktop computer being assembled. I had been told that without a high end "graphics card",  Read More
"Quality Code" is a term dealt with, when learning a subject called "Software Engineering". Though it is observed as a theory subject, it could be more effective  Read More
To the world of business it's a commitment, a promise to be kept every time we deliver without compromising on standards.  Read More
Cloud Computing has a variety of characteristics, with the main ones being  Read More
Complex technological advancements have made life a lot simpler for the common man. While reflecting on such progress  Read More
Most people don't put a lot of thought into creating a password. It's usually easiest just to create a short, easy-to-remember password, or even just to use the same password for every account you have. After all, the average person probably won't be able to guess your password.  Read More
Back in 1975, while most desks were still furnished with manual typewriters, technology pundits were making their predictions on the future of computers in the workplace. Computers showed tremendous potential for word processing and automation, they said, but would they really ever be user-friendly enough for general use?  Read More
Security Operation Center is a generic term describing part or all of a platform whose purpose is to provide detection and reaction services to security incidents.  Read More
The 90's brought in the internet revolution that started the unification of the global village. Different knowledge sources on the internet ensured that there was no information asymmetry across the globe. A student in Cuddalore, India had access to the same information as someone in Manhattan, U.S..  Read More
Mobile application development or Mobility is the process by which application software is developed for low - power handheld devices , such as personal digital assistants , enterprise digital assistants or mobile phones  Read More
SQA ensures timely checks and measurements to identify such issues with a set of reviews, documentation, metrics and testing.  Read More
A cloud computing environment created by pooling resources from a specific group of members (the community) and in turn providing those resources back to that same specific group of members as a service.  Read More
To prepare for the next generation of electronic devices, the engineering and science students must be taught the theory of current, voltage and resistance from atoms up.  Read More
According to Berkeley scientists, "Cloud computing refers to both the applications delivered as services over the Internet and the hardware and systems software in the datacenters that provide those services.  Read More
The survey revealed that the typical IT professional holds an average of 1.2 industry certifications, while 17 percent of those surveyed have three or more certifications.  Read More
Performance/stress testing of your application can help avoid such downtime.  Read More
Technology and Innovation are two critical factors for inclusive growth; hence collaboration between academia, corporate and research institutions become vital.  Read More

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