World Wide Web – An escape from reality

World Wide Web – An escape from reality

Internet, world wide web and a virtual escape tour. The coming up of internet and new media in early 20th century transformed a lot of things. We discovered new stories from unboxing contemporary technologies. Who knew that you could reach out to people thousands of miles away, see them, gift them stuff, share opinions with people you might not even personally know!

Our lives revolve around the internet, we need it throughout the day to carry on with our big and small tasks. We need a recipe, we jump to You Tube or any other cooking site to resolve our doubts, google the meaning of hundreds of words and phrases we might come across in a day while reading. Chat with friends and family, shop online and what not. It is like we are dominated by the internet; we are caged in a virtual tour [1] for which there is no end. The web is omnipresent, starting from the work we do, the connections we develop, this internet plays a significant role in shaping our daily routines. It can be said that we are living a huge part of our lives on the computer and the internet and hence it has blurred the lines between what the real and virtual world is!

We are engrossed so much in this digital realm that we give ourselves a new online persona [1] and identity, the one that is liked by many so as to give us the credence that we can pull it off, we are worth it! It is like through that social media ID and account, one has a new life online. You show yourself the way you wish to, the happy go lucky moments, pictures which radiate artificial perfection. It’s like an extension of yourself, that inner self which is shut from the outside world.

Escape from reality, but why?

Internet moulds our identities, personalities, behaviours, and perceptions along with that it has taught us about an escape route for all our problems and handling the unfavourable situations. The idea that when we do not feel okay, we just switch to our phones scroll Instagram reels, Facebook posts, watch a video or play a game.

But, for what?

We do this because we want to run away or maybe we do not want to handle that situation or problem that is messing with our head, so we simply divert our minds to something less productive and more time consuming, yes scrolling through the phone. We tell our mind that here is where you have to spend the next 4 hours and that is what eventually becomes our escape route [2]. We choose this convenient path because we feel that it takes us away from the hardships of life and human relationships, sadly it doesn’t.

It is a myth! We just find a safer space to jump down and never return from that virtual world so that we do not have to attend the unresolved mess of our lives.

Can we escape? Should we escape?

Now we know that how do humans with digital literacy flee from their real-world problems, but the question is should they? Will running eliminate the problems? Situations in life might never be according to our comfort but there will always be a solution to it. Refreshing and relaxing your mind through the use of media is absolutely healthy but nothing more than that! Procrastination and absconding from issues of life won’t terminate them. Fighting them can!

Media, social media, and digital world are a part of our lives and not our lives!



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