VMware IT Academy Academic Community Meet 2019

VMware IT Academy Academic Community Meet 2019

About ICT Academy

ICT Academy is an initiative of the Government of India in collaboration with the state Governments and Industries. ICT Academy is a not-for-profit society, the first of its kind pioneer venture under the Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) model that endeavors to train the higher education teachers and students thereby exercises on developing the next generation teachers and industry ready students.

ICT Academy was started to meet the skill requirements of the industry and generate more employment especially in tier 2 and 3 towns, the rural parts of the country. The organization was formed with representations from the State Government of Tamil Nadu, leading companies in the ICT industry and National Association of Software Services Companies (NASSCOM) in India.

VMware Academic Community Meet

ICT Academy organized the VMware Academic Community Meet at various cities across the nation. VMware IT Academy has been working with a global network of educational institutions to provide students access to high-quality learning certification opportunities and hands-on lab experiences with VMware technologies. VMware provides free curriculum and materials, intending to help the students jump-start their software careers. In 2018, VMware IT Academy worked with 2,400 institutions in 79 countries and provided 1.3 million free software downloads for educational purposes.

Further, ICT Academy in collaboration with VMware IT Academy has organized the VMware Academic Community Meet at various parts of India. The meet brought together the leaders in the fields of education and industry, in order to give the participants of the Meet, an overview of how institutes can get benefitted from VMware IT Academy program and how it will help students and faculty members learn the latest technologies evolved by VMware.

Intially VMware Academic Community Meet was held at Taj Vivanta, Coimbatore on the 05th of September 2019. The speakers during the event were Jackie Barker, Senior Program Manager - VMware IT Academy, VMware, Anbuthambi B, Executive Vice President, ICT Academy, Sairam Veeraswamy, Senior Director - Innovation Programs VMware, Sachin Kumar R.S - Regional Program Manager, VMware It Academy - AP&J, VMware and Harjeet Pruthi, Senior Program Manager, Women in Technology VMware.

The following day, the 06th of September 2019, the Meet was held at Hotel Taj MG Road, Bengaluru. The speakers at the event were Sivakumar M, Chief Executive Officer, ICT Academy, Anita Vijaykrishnan, Vice President, IT Applications Technology Services, VMware, Jackie Barker, Senior Program Manager - VMware IT Academy, VMware, Sachin Kumar R.S, Regional Program Manager, VMware IT Academy - AP&J, VMware, and Harjeet Pruthi, Senior Program Manager, Women in Technology VMware.

Anita Vijaykrishnan,
VP, IT Shared Services,
VMware India

VMware software connects, manages and automates the world’s digital infrastructure. It forms a digital foundation that powers the applications and services transforming businesses. You face increasingly complex trade-offs that will require the right investment decisions across your people, processes and technology. Managing these trade-offs—especially as the speed of disruption and the complexity of technology increase—requires a re-think of IT architecture. You need an architecture that enables rapid transformation without requiring wholesale disruption.

We call our architecture-led, software-defined infrastructure a “digital foundation.” A digital foundation helps you integrate disruptive technologies with the technologies, processes and people you have now while ensuring flexibility as technology and business strategies change. A digital foundation lets you harness new innovations effectively by providing consistent infrastructure, consistent operations, and intrinsic security.

It is an architecture that rolls out the transformation on your terms, and it’s essential for navigating the rapid change taking place in every industry. Our architecture for a digital foundation enables any app, on any cloud, delivered to any device.

“Any cloud” means you can deploy apps to the clouds of your choice, move on-premises apps to the cloud without expensive refactoring, maintain visibility and security of public cloud workloads, and leverage new environments like Telco clouds and edge.

“Any app” means you can support the development and operations of cloud and container-based apps, continue to drive cost out of existing on-perm workloads, and even connect existing apps and data sources with new ones to create value in novel ways.

“Any device” means you can easily manage and secure mobile devices, desktops, edge devices and IoT sensors.

Sairam Veeraswamy,
Global Program Manager
VMware IT Academy

Whether we know the definition of digital transformation or not, we are going through the phase in our lives, our businesses etc. There is always a need for an enabler like VMware to help us capitalize on the technology development for the benefit of the community, the society and for the benefit of the world, at large; VMware is proud to be such an enabler that catalyzes the digital transformation happening today.

The entire spectrum of VMware’s influence stands between driving the technologies that are used for personal purposes to healthcare to education and other industries that are in the dominant plane in shaping the economy. Particularly, VMware is fueling the businesses, by helping them transform digitally. In the name of infrastructure for driving digital transformation, VMware looks into six different vectors of any modern enterprise. Every data centre should have a computation in some form; it should have a network, storage; all of them working in a secured environment. Apart from those four important pillars, the fifth one happens to be the Cloud, and finally, the sixth vector is the endpoint devices. VMware addresses all these needs of its customers and provides a seamless digital experience.

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Jacqueline Barker,
Global program manager
VMware IT Academy

A recent study by Kauffman projects that technology information doubles every two years; half of what students learn when they enter the college becomes obsolete when they are at the pre-final year. On the other hand, jobs that existed in the past are changing; they have evolved. On the contrary, jobs that didn’t even exist a decade ago are in the market now; yet they are evolving. So, what would be the roles in demand in 2020; app developers, network analysts, business intelligence analysts, security analysts etc. Knowing all these changes, it is imperative for the educationists to interact with change agents like VMware, collaborate and address the needs together. From the VMware IT Academy perspective we assure to train the students for those jobs of the future

M Sivakumar
Chief Executive Officer,
ICT Academy

ICT Academy is going all across India; though it was initiated to create the next generation talent pool in the state of Tamil Nadu, the Academy has a pan India presence now, following the NITI Aayog recommendation to replicate this model all across India. Further, with the revocation of Article 370, the Government of India wants ICT Academy to skill even Jammu and Kashmir region. We primarily bridge the gap between the academia, the industry and the government. ICT Academy acts a catalyst between the industry and the academia and has been creating a win-win situation for both the stakeholders, balancing the demand-supply chain

- R S Sachin Kumar,
Regional Program Manager - AP&J,
VMware IT Academy

Today, 70% of the mobile phones are Cloud dependent; whatever applications we use, all of the data are stored in Cloud, of which we are not sure how our data is structured or in which server or data centre our data, is stored. Moreover, we are not sure how much secured is our data that is lying on the Cloud; VMware technology primarily ensures that your data is secured. The Cloud technology, which we speak about, is existent concerning to the data centre. VMware technology is primarily around how to manage data centres effectively. Cloud boils down to three basic levels, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). Any Cloud environment will have a data centre, and how effectively those are managed matters the most. On these lines, the value which VMware brings through its courses is how it enables learners to effectively manage the data centres.

Through the VMware IT Academy, we essentially train students and faculty members. We have free software for colleges to use, which could be installed and run in the lab environment to learn. Further, we have a course curriculum available in our website, which could be included in the curriculum of the higher educational institutions through their respective boards. Moreover, we have certifications; VMware certifications that are globally recognized for professional standards. Additionally, we give 70% discounts on certification vouchers. We also have the learning resources for students and faculty members.

All these benefits are brought to the higher educational institutions through our partnership with the ICT Academy. We have been associated with ICT Academy for the past three years. ICT Academy is a key partner for VMware IT Academy program, which is the only partner that has reached our program across India. ICT Academy trainers are trained by VMware IT Academy to reach our courses to the colleges across India.

Anbuthambi B,
Executive Vice President,
ICT Academy

ICT Academy is privileged to have collaborated with VMware IT Academy program. ICT Academy will work with the assigned regional program manager to reach the VMware IT Academy Program across India. Further, we assure providing initial and ongoing instructor training to those member institutions that have joined the VMware IT Academy program. We will identify and assign at least two faculty members with ample experience in teaching background. We will deliver the training through VMwareprovided devices and using VMware-provided curriculum.

Harjeet Pruthi,
Senior program manager
VMware IT Academy

VMware and Women Who Code have joined hands to help women in India return to a career in technology. Through this program, VMware will upskill 15,000 women in India in two years from now, by providing free technical education and certification courses on digital business transformation technologies. Women would get certified on VMware Technology basics, intermediate & Advanced Certifications to become a Certified Cloud Professional.

The eligibility criteria to take part in this program is that it is open to women, who are the citizens of India that reside within the territorial jurisdiction of India and not employed with any company in India or abroad for a period less than or equal to 6 months.

MoU Exchange

An MoU between ICT Academy and VMware was signed during the Meet, in the presence of Jackie Barker, Senior Program Manager - VMware IT Academy, VMware, Anbuthambi B, Executive Vice President, ICT Academy, Sairam Veeraswamy, Senior Director - Innovation Programs VMware, Sachin Kumar R.S, Regional Program Manager, VMware It Academy - AP&J, VMware, and Harjeet Pruthi, Senior Program Manager, Women in Technology VMware.

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