Workshops - Design Now and Salesforce

Workshops - Design Now and Salesforce

ICT Academy organized 3-day Autodesk Fusion 360 Challenge at Sri Eshwar Engineering College, Coimbatore

Sri Eshwar College of Engineering, Coimbatore held the 8th Edition of its national summit, “Industry Connect” on 26th and 27th of July, 2019. As a part of Industry connect ICT Academy, in association with Autodesk and Salesforce conducted two engaging workshops on real-time experience partnered with industry leaders such as Design Now and Salesforce ADX 201 Students Workshop.

Design Now

“Design Now” was a 3-Day Fusion workshop, as a part of which, a challenge for young “creators of tomorrow” was conducted with object to unleash the Power of Design and contribute towards the furtherance of the ecosystem. Students of Mechanical Engineering from institutions across the region participated in the challenge.

Students contested on themes such as built environment,clean industry, disaster relief, energy, food, health & well being, mobility, resource & materials, waste and water. This event provided an opportunity for budding designers to express their design views on the future of living through their innovative and visionary design thinking. The event aimed fostering the budding talents in design and exposed them to all aspects of product design process. 160 students of mechanical engineering discipline participated in the workshop.

Salesforce ADX 201 Students Workshop

Salesforce ADX 201 Students Workshop Salesforce is a direct instructor-led training delivered by ICT Academy experts on ADX 201. The workshop training was conducted for all year students in the branches of CSE/IT/ECE and EEE to make students earn three superbadges namely, “Business Administration Specialist”, “Lightning Experience Reports & Dashboards Specialist” and “Security Specialist” to get themselves equipped for administrative roles.

To earn the “Business Administration Specialist” Superbadge, learners were tested for their abilities in Data import, User permissions and management; Email templates, UI configuration, Reports and dashboards in Lightning Experience, Chatter features etc.

Further, students earned the “Students Lightning Experience Reports & Dashboards Specialist” Superbadge by going through the assessment on Folder sharing, Lightning Report Builder, Report types, Report filters, cross filters, and logic, Report buckets and groups, Report charts, Custom summary formula fields, Lightning Dashboard Builder etc.

The third Superbadge, “Security Specialist” was earned by students who successfully completed the assessments in Data Security, User Authentication and User Permissions modules.

Students from various engineering disciplines participated in the program and procured the superbadges, completing the modules successfully. ICT Academy is proud to have collaborated with the industry and Sri Eshwar College of Engineering in empowering the students.

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