E of your Future: Employee or Entrepreneur

Do you have a game plan for your future?

This is a generation of gamers. Strategy, Sports, Competitive, Role play, Fantasy world, Simulation, Adventure, Action, Fun games all form a part of the growing years of the youth today. Imagine the kind of expertise, experience & enjoyment that they bring into one’s life.

Do you learn from your gaming hobby? Do you know that you can apply these learnings into your life?

What does Gaming teach you?

High brain stimulation

Focus & attention

Zeal to Win


Teamwork, Strategy & Leadership

How can you Ctrl+C+V into your Corporate/Entrepreneurial journey?

  • Constant gaming improves your imagination and memory – this is extremely important as you develop your career to move forward. As time goes by, all professionals & proprietors tend to lose their imaginative skills. Visual & auditory memory details of presentations, data & conversations will help you be a better presenter & participant.
  • Enhanced focus with attention to detail will be an ultimate asset in your professional journey. When handling new deals, projects, clients etc your well-defined detailing ability will prove to be an upper hand.
  • No success is possible without a desire to win. Gaming teaches you to aim for the ultimate goal & victory. At work winning is crucial for personal growth & professional moulding. Without a goal in mind the journey becomes never ending.
  • Persistence is perhaps the best lesson that can be used once you move from a student life to professional life. Challenges & roadblocks cannot be avoided as an entrepreneur or a corporate individual. Trying over & over again without getting discouraged, is a valuable learning.
  • Teamwork, Dispute management as a strong team player combined with strategy driven leadership abilities could be 100% handy as skills. Gaming teaches these at one-go to all of you. The advantage of learning these through a single channel first-hand as against leadership lessons through long term trial and error efforts is a huge plus.

When should you apply these learnings?

There is no age or stage in your professional or personal life for you to make your PRO gaming knowledge into PRO life skills. However, here are simple tips:

  • High brain stimulation – use this when you are a fresher. It will help you stand out from your peers.
  • Focus & attention – apply this when you move into a Team leader/budding entrepreneur stage so that you don’t give up due to failures or give in due to barricades.
  • Zeal to Win – Success will define you during the first 4-5 years after education. You can define what success means to you through your zeal for victory.
  • Persistence – moving up the ladder may require continuous persuasion & persistence. It will supplement your sustainability.
  • Teamwork, Strategy & Leadership – These are skills that need to be honed & sharpened once you have teams to build & lead. Your strength will be how you play with your team, strategize for collective success & lead keeping the future in mind.

So, next time when people “Disgrace” your Gaming skills tell them how you can “Ace” your future further with what you have learnt in your growing years. Keep in mind that everything should have a limit & you should be able to control how it influences you & not vice-versa. Choose smart, play smart & win smarter!

About the Author

Ms. Vidya Prabhu has 21+ years of dynamic professional journey of work experience. She has been in the IT for 18+ years now, having done a mixed bag of jobs from being a Radio Jockey to a Video Jockey to an Air hostess before entering into IT sector. Within the IT space, she has played multiple roles such as Communication & Soft Skills trainer, Learning & Org Development Partner, Project Management & Senior Program Management. Today she handles Global Delivery for IBM Cloud for Kyndryl.

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