How Video Plays a Key Role in Marketing

Today, Video plays a vital role for in leveraging the brand, building loyalty, and attracting new customers for all types of businesses. Before you start filming, try out some of the video marketing tips to put you on the right path.

As mobile communication evolved from pagers to smartphones, business owners adapted to newer technologies to increase sales. According to Statista, leading provider of market and consumer data, the number of smartphone subscriber has increased from 3668 in 2016 to 6259 in 2021, which is expressed to grow multi-fold in the next few years [1]. The increase in smartphone subscription has pushed the business owners to launch email marketing campaigns, and to exploit social media to their advantage.

Video Adds Value

Many businesses today use videomarketing to communicate their brand value and to attract potential customers. Though updating social media feeds regularly boosts any brand’s online presence, video goes a step ahead, and its reach and popularity is on the rise.

Pros of Videomarketing

A Versatile Sales Tool

Video can be a versatile tool for salespeople in taking the customer through the entire buying journey, and it does much more than other modes of customer engagement. It also creates a positive return on investment.

Improves SEO

Video is a striking medium because it ranks high on social media feeds and also it improves your search engine optimization ranking. People are more likely to land your website attracted by your visual promotions on YouTube or other social media platforms. This is one of the main reasons why so many B2B and B2C businesses are investing heavily in creating video content!

The more video content you create and share, the more quality traffic you draw to your pages, which in turn boosts your overall SEO in the long run.

Easy to create

Small-business owners don’t need a film crew to create videos. Online videos are typically less than two minutes in duration, and your mobile phone can get the job done. Even busy entrepreneurs are hopping on board.

Here are some tips to make a creative video marketing:

1. Social media stories

The 10-to-15-second video clips are a nonformal way to engage your customers and tell them about your products. Almost all the popular social media platforms allow you to create a “story.” Stories are a great way to pull customer traffic.

2. QR codes

QR codes are a great tool for directing people to any of your content online, including videos. If your video is filmed for a specific audience, you can use the code to reach your target customers by placing it in your email signature, showcasing at retail outlets etc.

3. Boomerang videos

Apps like Boomerang from Instagram aides creating videos by trimming a long video down to play in a loop. It can be made in minutes.

Why wait?! Snag your smartphone and start experimenting with video marketing to extend your reach and ramp up profits.


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