The Mind and Body Conflict

We all would have come across the age old saying, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. Each individual has a different inclination of what is beautiful. This article is written not to address the various notions of beauty but rather the unexplored realm of life. 

There must have been some point in our lives where we felt insecure about the way we look. We’d spend a lot of time trying to accept the parts of us that we are not fond of. Or once we start accepting it and face the real world outside, we’d get the feeling that we are not good enough when compared to others. So, we would stop standing up for our own self in front of others. As we keep preaching the same, even when we don’t mean it, it tends to be a part of our mind sub consciously and again we fall into the vicious circle of insecurities. If you are naïve about what I am talking about right now, it’s time you get to understand what the other section of people are going through. 

Let’s be honest. You may be the invisible one in your classroom. You may not be the popular one. You may not be the one receiving compliments from random people. You may be the loner of your class or group. And it could make you feel terrible. It may make you wonder why people do not find you attractive or do not want to talk to you. You may wonder why nobody has a crush on you or why does nobody fall in love with you. All this is going to make you doubt your worth and it is totally fine, for all these confusions are going to blossom into the amazing person you are going to turn out someday! All I am trying to tell here is that it is totally okay to feel that way. Nobody has the right to validate what we feel. 

Maybe beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But my question here, with respect to the beauty in people is, “why should there be a beholder?”, why are we not fond of being the beholder ourselves? Why do we need to have somebody to tell how great we look, when the hours together you spent getting that one-winged eyeliner the way you wanted could tell how much you like it! Of course, it feels great when we are praised. But we should also understand the fact that there is nothing to feel bad about when you are not praised. It doesn’t make you any less beautiful. Life is too short to be mean to our own self! So, pull yourself together, you are a beautiful piece of art. You are born to rock! Not to be mocked! Let those insecurities that weighed you down, go away and float on air! 

About the Author  

Mathurabargavee is working as a data engineer at Fractal Analytics. However, beyond the realm of data, she is passionate about exploring the intricacies of human experiences.  In her writing, she delves into profound topics such as the conflict between mind and body, the quest for self-love, and the pervasive social stigmas we encounter in life. By shedding light on these often-overlooked issues, she aims to ignite meaningful conversations and inspire positive change. 

Her mission is to empower individuals to embrace their inner journey, fostering greater self-awareness and acceptance along the way. Together, let's courageously navigate the complexities of the mind and body, fostering compassion every step of the way. 

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