When all else Fails

Stay Calm and Composed to become Successful

As the saying goes; angry person, with a calm mind can make anything possible.

The ability to manage your emotions and remain calm under pressure has a direct link to your performance.

Under Stress, We Regress

Many psychologists believe that we regress, or return to, behaviors we used in childhood when faced with an emotional threat. And of course, if you were a child who threw tantrums—or objects—when things didn’t go your way, you may be a “screamer” under stress at work.

How do successful people remain calm under pressure? How do they overcome the normal and natural reaction to regress, when under stress?

1. They Take Care of Their Bodies

Successful people are intentional about when and what they eat, and the hours of sleep. They focus on the quality of sleep (i.e., maximizing deep sleep) instead of focusing on the quantity of sleep.

2. They Train their Minds

Successful people strengthen their minds through meditation. If you’re unfamiliar with meditation, it is not about just sitting quietly or trying to channel some mystical energy of the universe. If you understand how lifting weights can make your muscles grow, meditation is the same thing—it literally grows your brain.

3. They are Grounded in Gratitude

Highly successful people have an attitude of gratitude. Their negative emotion is easily washed off.

Negative emotion is easily washed away by positive feelings of gratitude. Like meditation, having a solid gratitude would literally spread positivity to our brains.

4. They Reframe with a Growth Mindset

Highly successful people reframe negative experiences into growth experiences. Instead of, “Why is this happening to me” they think “Why is this happening for me?”

5. Add Place and Time to their To-Do Lists

Successful people take the tasks on their to-do lists and add a specific time and place to each of them.

For example: Instead of “I will call John,” they say, “If it is Wednesday afternoon, then I will call John.”

If you plan this way, you will be able to seize the critical moment and make your calls at the most appropriate moments, even when you are busy attending to other things.

So, summarizing this train your body, mind, and reframing daily experiences to thrive under pressure and not degrade under stress. And when all else fails, when you’re about to pound the desk or scream at a colleague, just do breathing exercise (inhale and exhale).

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