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It is admission season again. While you would be busy fishing for courses, here are two interesting courses offered by the Tamil Nadu Dr J Jayalalithaa Fisheries University Fisheries Business School Chennai, run by the Government of Tamil Nadu. The Fisheries Business School is a constituent college of TNJFU to impart business education programmes to nurture business management and entrepreneurship skills with a specialised approach to Fisheries and Aquaculture Business Enterprises, situated on ECR at Mutukkadu.

TNJFU offers a four-year BBA professional program and MBA two years professional program in Fisheries Enterprises Management for the first time in India. The MBA and BBA in Fisheries Enterprises Management are unique programmes designed to address the managerial personnel needs of fisheries industries.

Many prospects exist in the fish business after earning a four-year professional BBA in Fisheries Enterprises management and a two-year professional MBA in Fisheries Enterprises Management. Following completion of the course, the candidates will be employed by prominent Indian and MNC fisheries sector firms and incubators.

These MBA and BBA programmes are offered with a more real-world approach to fit future executives and managers to assist organisations and companies engaged in commercial or non-commercial fisheries and aquaculture activities in India or anywhere in the world. These programmes offer an advantage in managing fisheries and aquaculture enterprises by using organisational resources best while improving your entrepreneurial abilities and approach.

Job opportunities at the Industry Interface Hatchery for Aqua Farming, Feed production and distribution, Processing and export of seafood, organised seafood retail, hatcheries, trading, and exporting Fishing Equipment and Craft Unit, among other things.

A structured educational programme in the administration of fish businesses is critical to support the industry by producing well-trained business managers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders in business education as well as best business administration practices (BBMP).

Students who have done plus two in any group are eligible to apply for BBA and any Degree holder is eligible for the MBA programme.

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