NEET - 5 Major Challenges

Exams for medical postgraduate medical seats have gone the online route for the past few years which now is in form of NEET PG entrance tests.

A computer based exam throws certain major challenges for test takers. The challenges may be very subtle but yet can have a huge difference in the final results scored.

Reading Speed: Reading something on a PC is different from reading a paper-printed content. When you read on a computer, the pace of reading reduces by 8-10% from the on-paper reading pace, which shall be even more for readers that are not used to reading online. On the other hand, the share of understanding remains lesser while reading online, as compared to reading questions on a paper and choosing the answers. This miniscule hurdle alone accounts for reducing the number of questions (10-12) attempted by the candidate.

Navigability: Decades before, filling the OMR leaf posed a challenge of committing mistakes. Similar chances are there in the online formats too; but, the time consumed to choose an option and moving on is sizeable. On an average, it takes 2-5 seconds to attempt a question and moving to the next is based on the candidate’s comfort level in handling the navigation device (the mouse). Hence, while navigating through the questions, it is better to calculate the total number of questions against the exam duration. This practice shall help utilizing the time optimally in responding the questions.

Inability to scan the paper

Online exams don’t present you with the entire set of questions at once. Particularly when attempting 4-5 tricky questions consecutively and suddenly people panic, because scanning through the entire question paper and starting to answer those sections that the candidate is comfortable with is not possible. Hence, it is imperative to practice on an online platform that is similar to (ex: NEET PG) the one a candidate is to attend. Such practices will ensure that the candidate progresses quickly in. Hence, practicing on a similar NEET PG entrance exam online platform only can make a distinction in answering vital 5-8 marks.

Exam Pattern: Online exams throw completely a set of questions that are completely randomized, which makes the prediction difficult, unlike in the offline format that has a conventional pattern of topics and patterns. So, more broad preparation and gaining wide exposure to a bigger question database is essential to score high.

Technical Challenges: Technical failure is a major difficulty faced by the candidates, when they move from one question to the next; mainly to those containing images that does not get completely loaded. Owing to this intricacy, most candidates may rush to refreshing the page, which is a self-destructive option to choose. Candidates should be aware that the images/even the text content might take some while to load. Hence, candidates should be patient enough to let the question load completely. Moreover, candidates should be aware that they do not make premature submission.

Now understand the basic difference and challenges faced by students in attempting the NEET PG Online Exam there some very simple and basic things which students can do to maximize their performance of the NEET PG online exam.


  • Sign up for online test sequence with a platform akin to NEET PG online entrance exam
  • Visit websites that allow candidates solving questions online
  • Use mobile apps with questions with complete explanation of solutions

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