Plus Two Results and the Smog – Clear it All

With +2 results and the smog of mixed feelings, there is a question “what to study”, in the mind of every teen. Looking for some directives from the peers and seniors, the close ones, and the experts, people usually get further confused. As what we actually do is believe in others’ shadow than believing in our real being.

There has been a debate, whether parents’ imposing on the educational choices of their wards is acceptable or not. Concurrently, there is also another pocket that most students want to match their need with their excitement. “Matching need with excitement”, what does that mean? That is most students go by the word of their peers rather than themselves getting into a bit of research about the institutions they dream of joining.

That being said, I am not getting into giving a checklist to choose the best course or a best institution. Options are many, and usually when there are many options they seduce the beneficiary on various aspects as hinted above. Your decision making ability as an individual must be practiced from this point in life. What to do?

There are lot of advertisements projecting the best of their institution on the television, through the radios, wall posts and the like. Even social media is a best tool to traverse through the pros and cons of courses and institutions. Land into the official social media page of the institution that lures you the most, and also land into the alumni pages of the same institution. Make friends in the alumni, and get to know them and their experience with the institution. But never decide only based on that; learn through other sources too. Elicit the flip and flop sides of the course you wish to choose.

Communicate in such a way that you learn how your seniors in the alumni have made their career i.e., with the assistance of the institution or on their own. Whatever is the case, in your attempt to know the institution you would certainly end up exhibiting your sincerity to your alumni senior! Luck be your side, as you develop the contacts, you learn to ensure for you a career after the course, as well as to know the industry with which you venture a course in.

Beyond everything, look around, observe, assimilate the situation, stay unbiased to learn and decide upon your learning.

All the best!

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