School – Young scholars celebrate learning through tradition and technology

School – Young scholars celebrate learning through tradition and technology

School life is the best, we often say, isn’t it?  

Let us take a classic example of a typical family where there are members representing almost all generations. As conversations spring up, those hailing to the 70s era would say, ‘This is all the new generation quick fixes in education, do you know that during our times, when we had no access to computers, it was the library at our school or the one at the society, helped us with knowledge and we also helped each other.’ The ripple effect leads to benign silence. The others – The new-age thought leaders, would rather play safe because, in pursuit of making the super-senior elders aware of the speed and the amazing benefits of technology, they might get into more comparative theories leading to respect and obedience to elders. The fact of the matter remains that every schooling offers a roadmap for a bright future. It is how we walk the talk, which makes a big difference. 

The classroom should be an entrance into the world, not an escape from it." –  John Ciardi

Let’s pause and rethink. They are right in the present-day scenario. The education system has evolved over the decades so much so that the entire process has been simplified for the benefit of the students. Classrooms open doors to experience the world outside. Any one topic can be learned through different sources of information because technology comes as a constant companion right from kindergarten days. It does not mean that the traditional chalk and duster method is of no significance, it is just that, smart boards and amphitheatres are the need of the hour. Imagine there is a whole new engaging world of rhymes and jingles beyond ‘Jack and Jill went up the hill’ and kids enjoy storytelling sessions more than just gazing at textbooks.

Take what you learn and make a difference with it. —Tony Robbins

From my own experience as a student and then as a communications expert working for a reputed school with international fame, the process was more like breaking all the myths about the education system by applying what was best during our times and taking the good things from the present styles. 

We had limited access to knowledge back then. Now, everyone swims way beyond their circle to explore and experience things and come up with different perceptions on a given topic. The concept of blended learning is so popular now that one can be taught math while playing sports and nature walks help students understand the anatomy of plants and even artistic colours better. The project-based learning brings out the creative hues in every child. The grading parameter is also made flexible to include every child’s style range of understanding. If there are many ways to get the number 12 as a solution, all are right!

The more you learn, the more you earn. —Warren Buffett

The world of books is not restricted to the school libraries anymore. Digital libraries of most schools help students pick up and refer to any academic book, whenever the necessity arises. In the era of speed, life has become so easy with the advent of technology, for everyone. Nevertheless, technology should not surpass human values. The foundation of every learning is in the books so reading, writing, and group discussions, and everything that involves enriched training through association with different minds, should be highly promoted in classrooms. 

The teaching methodologies and best practices do help a student identify their area of interest and work towards acquiring good scores. There has to be a tap in the frequency of technological influence on the daily lifestyle of a student. To make things easy, they can self-introspect and see the quality time spent on the gadgets and the purpose. Once that is realized, it becomes easy to do away with the unwanted wanderings.

I believe we are in the best of times. Every student is gifted with the right mentorship and best guidance from parents and elders. They are blessed with the speed of technology that makes things available, in the shortest period. One can learn faster, take pragmatic career decisions and be happy by enjoying what they love doing.  

All generations trek steadfast to choose their desired path, the one thing that is constant for all generations is – The power of learning. Everyone learns every day in their way.’ – Sreelatha M

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