Making Effective School to College Transition

In the current trend there are many numbers of specialization courses being introduced by the state and private universities across Tamil Nadu. This is happening in technical and non-technical streams alike. The centralized body is coming up with introducing the National Education Policy, which primarily encourages the flexibility for the student community to up skill in multidisciplinary areas. The state governments also started focusing the implementation of the various skill-based education under various names by understanding the needs and opportunities available for the young graduates in the state. By increasing the flexibility in the credits, the governments are facilitating the course completion for the young graduates. The school education in current practice is focused more on science concepts but it lacks in the application areas; to overcome this issue the higher education is focusing on the application areas, and they are building platforms like Hackathon to bring out the hidden talents among the students. 

How to become future-ready?

The future of education completely depends upon the skills that are needed to fulfill the industry needs. Many higher educational institutions have established the Industry-institute Partnership Cell and have started working closely with the industry experts to understand the current and futuristic skills expected from the budding graduates and started imparting the skills either in self-paced or in association with the industry-based training partners. Some industries volunteer and establish the center of excellence in various institutions thereby imparting the knowledge to the students. The young graduates who excel in training offered by the industries center of excellence have a higher chance of getting absorbed into the same or competitive industries with the highest salary package. As every industry is stepping towards getting them digitalized, information technology skills among young graduates are found to be inevitable.  The automation process is now booming up both in IT and non-IT areas. The cloud platforms are facilitating the automation in IT industries in a flawless manner, the usage of robotics is now found to be common for the basic home application environment, which is paving way for the student community to unlearn and learn new things, update their skills, and be updated at all times. Graduation should not only offer a degree, but it should also satisfy the demand of skilled people. So, practical skills should be imparted rather than a theoretical study. The future of industries is not predictable and hence the need to be a lifelong learner has become mandatory.  

Kill the Course choosing Dilemma

Industries do not expect graduates to possess a degree with trending specializations, but they focus on the skills. Hence, students should be given proper career guidance; career guidance should facilitate students to choose the course. The basic education including the mathematical principles are highly demanded, as every course and its specializations have its own impact in terms of knowledge. There is much ambiguity amongst the students who complete their school education with regard to which skills will help them make a bright career. School students may also pursue any basic course and may upskill themselves in any specialization based on their needs as an online course. The influence of educators and educated family members or friends has ruined many students’ lives. The government policy should facilitate the students to take up the course without any dilemma.

Merits of being a lifelong learner

Regardless of the courses the school students choose, they should make up their mind that continuous learning will only help them to have a better career start. Grabbing a job with the skills acquired in a college will be easier than sustaining in the job. The job roles in the industry will have a drastic change whenever the lean process is being adopted. The agile methodologies will help to a certain extent. Cost effectiveness will be the primary goal of any industry to increase their profit. In such cases the top level authorities will always look for automating the maximum process involved in industry. It is acceptable that human errors will be comparably high than the machine made errors. So, they look for automating the process and they need skilled labors to manage the process of automation. Digitalization will help them act smart by identifying the pitfalls available in the industries. The prediction or forecasting is made with the availability of huge data. To manage the huge data, we have n number of digitalized environments, and the constraints may help us get the desired results by adopting a few algorithms in various applications.

Tips to grab placements after graduation

Young graduates should focus on their communication skills, which is the primary skill for any graduates. The interactions between various stakeholders will facilitate the success of the project within the Service Level Agreements made between the corporate and client. So, all industries focus on communication skills. Continuous learning and updations will facilitate them to keep themselves updated and sustain in the existing job roles or to switch to a better job role in future.

Tips to choose a college to pursue higher studies

The young graduates willing to start their higher education should focus on selecting the institutions with due care. Fake advertisements may mislead the young graduates, so students should visit colleges, interact with the currently pursuing graduates, look for the industry tie-ups the institution has and also check for the alumni feedback and placement record. The other factor that may be considered is the opportunity offered by the institution to take up their role as an entrepreneur. Success stories of Alumni members are to be given high importance while selecting the institutions.

About the Author

Dr. Sreejith Vignesh B P is the Head of the department of Information Technology at Sri Krishna Adithya College of Arts and Science – Coimbatore. He is a certified career coach and is recognized as Innovation Ambassador by Ministry of Education, Government of India. He is a member of renowned professional bodies like ISTE, IACSIT, ISRD, IAAPC, IAE. He has published various articles in renowned National & International Journals. He is a recognized research supervisor in Computer science stream by Bharathiar University.

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