All you need to know about launching your Digital Career

All you need to know about launching your Digital Career

Engineer, Doctor, or Lawyer- “These were the only” career choices available decades back!

Fast-forward to 2020 - Digital revolution has offered us many numbers of career choices which is mind-blowing, quite literally!! 

Now, the only big question is, are you ready for a career in the digital space??

Well…. You are ready to learn with an open mind and strive to achieve better at it! 

Every job would look for the people with different qualities, same case when it comes to building a career in the digital space.

Some of the personality traits that instantly qualify you for such career are:

Curiosity and love for experimentation

If you are curious and if you would never get satisfied for the same approach and you would always look for innovation in your mind. The more you explore the better your chances are; the innovative ideas help you discover new opportunities. Digital trends are changing every day. If your curiosity can keep up then this is the place for you.

Love for networking

Developing a strong network of people helps you to get business, referrals, and word-of-mouth marketing.

You can be a 10/10 in your technical skills but, if your networking skills should be at least 8/10, otherwise it may hamper your growth. Of course, work speaks for itself, but please remember how it is called “Social” media, and therefore you being social on it, is kind of a non-negotiable.

Social media savvy

If you are well aware of the strategies to use on at least 3 – 4 social media platforms for the goodness of a business and know how to leverage the power of these platforms by maintaining consistent engagement then, you would enjoy by having a career in the digital space.

Looking at yourself as a brand

You must spread awareness about your services and establish a personal brand for yourself too. Always remember that people connect to people more than the product or services they offer.

Action, analysis, and result-orientation

If you are someone who can deliver definite and measurable results, clients would be happy to work with you. In the end, what everyone looks for is tangible growth and you could provide services to your client with a well-analyzed growth tracker with insights on what can make or break their business, they will book you for life.

Now let’s talk about some skill-sets that, could make your digital career take off.

Video editing

I can’t even stress on the boom the video format of content is going to get, and is already getting. The way people are addicted to videos is a testimony to the importance of this skill. Brands now more than ever are constantly looking for someone who makes content that can keep their audience glued to the screens for hours.


This is the best way for a business to get a lot of traffic to their website at once. If you can help businesses to rank on the google search, trust me, your phone won't stop ringing. Consumers hardly go to the next page of Google to find answers to their questions, and if your SEO skills can land them on the first page, nothing like it.

Content writing and copywriting

Observe, and you will notice that you are surrounded by content. Even this article that you are reading is content. To establish brand awareness and loyalty, a well-written piece of content is enough. To boost sales for a product or service the best way is to impact the decision-making process of the consumers through a strategically written content or action-oriented copy content. Brands are ready to shell out good money for content that persuades and adds value.

Social Media Management

With multiple brands coming forward to establish an online presence, the demand for this skill set is on fire. If you know what products/services to promote on which platform and how exactly to go about every step of it strategically, then building a career in social media marketing is what you should go after.

Content marketing 

By writing a good content, half of your job is done. A content marketer analyzes the consumers’ mindset and places the content where they can easily find it. Using techniques like consumer mind mapping and analyzing the consumer's journey that falls under their radar. This skill set is highly valued by businesses as nobody wants to waste their money and resources on places where it will not give any results. 

Digital Marketing

As most of the population is hanging out online either on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Businesses are spending lesser on the traditional methods of marketing and more on the digital ones. 

Honestly, there is hardly an industry that doesn’t need a digital presence, but there are some sectors like below that will rise consistently in the digital space.

Fitness & Health Industries 

The boom in this industry is apparent as people are hiring virtual health & fitness coaches, streaming live sessions to take care of their health. With people realizing the importance of a healthy body more, so during the pandemic it is less likely that this industry will notice a dip.

From a revenue standpoint, the fitness and health industries are growing at a rate of 8.7% per year. And this number is expected to only increase [1].


With the traditional ways of imparting knowledge coming to a standstill this medium is on a boom and is expected to keep growing. Not only are students taking up classes online, but also teachers are looking for opportunities to teach online for a more stable career, keeping the current situations in mind. 

I am sure you and many you know must be enrolled in an online course too. The E-learning trend is not dying anytime soon or maybe ever, for the flexibility and accessibility, it gives to the user [2].

E-commerce – This virtual cousin of retail commerce is getting more popular by the second. The growth of this industry is a result of the modern consumers’ mindset who are now used to have everything delivered to their doorstep and browse at their leisure without any time constraint.

Despite online sales accounting for just three percent of all retail in 2017, the digital commerce sphere was estimated to reach 330 million buyers online by 2020[3].

Digital Marketing

More than ever, businesses are actively on the lookout for digital marketers who can help them stand out and cut through the intense competition.

And you know what is the smartest way to go about having a career in digital space??  Becoming a digital marketer. Yes, that’s right!! 

A digital marketer is the most sought-after role as they are responsible for a brands' growth in terms of awareness and lead generation and everything that impacts the growth of a brand digitally. 

I am pretty sure that by now you are more or less convinced to venture into the space of digital careers. But before you hop on the good old google and start searching further, you need to know that, you must adopt a growth mindset instead of a fixed one. 

With so many people opting for careers in digital media the market is getting saturated but, anybody with a good hold on their niche can never run out of business. Nothing comes in the way of quality so your goal should be to deliver the best results. 

With this, I will sign off and looking forward to seeing you in action very soon!! 



About the Author

Dharmesh Suryavanshi is also a digital and automation evangelist who has conceptualized and launched over 8 brands since 2017. With Purview Digital, his vision is to help business owners launch and grow their brands not just through social media but also by simplifying the customer journey while giving them a seamless digital experience.

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