Entrepreneurial DNA

The Normal thought about Entrepreneurship is: "You can do it if I did it", "What worked for the entrepreneur next door would also work for me"

This is so untrue! Because....

Each of us is different, what works for an entrepreneur does not work for others. If we follow some of the best practices, we could fall flat on our face. Each one of us has strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies that give us a distinct modus operandi.

  • May be you are the person who has thousands of people following you on Twitter or Facebook
  • May be you are finding it difficult to establish contact with one specific person whom you want to badly get connected with?
  • May be you are the one that has the gift to build and nurture long term interpersonal relationships.
  • May be you are the type of person who rips through people faster than a tornado does.
  • May be you are an entrepreneur who finds marketing and lead generation as easy as flipping on a light switch.
  • May be you find it difficult to pitch a sale.
  • May be you are one of those who starts a business and runs it for 20-plus years.
  • May be you are one of those who jumps from business opportunity to business opportunity.

Here is the Point!

It is difficult and almost impossible to be all the above.

The normal belief and thought about entrepreneurship seems to assume you were all of the above.  In your business strategy, try little of everything - and through trial and error, find what works for you.

How is that going to work for you in reality?

To know what works for you in business, just take a dip into knowing how the genetic code works.

Genetic Code sets the foundation of who we are. Genetic Code drives our predisposition to wellness or disease. Knowing your genetic predisposition empowers you to make lifestyle and environmental decisions to improve or worsen your health.

Series of experts such as your doctor, nutritionist, and personal trainer can design your nutrition and exercise plan. Even a Chiropractor or naturopath can help to put together a wellness initiative.

Here is the Point!

  • Each of the experts must run a series of tests to figure out who we are before making recommendation on what you should or should not do.
  • Entrepreneurial DNA is no different.
  • Each of us have unique set of traits prebuilt into our brain.
  • The DNA Telegraph our potential strength, weakness, and tendencies
  • Being aware of that DNA will allow you to sit down by yourself, or with an expert, to map out a plan for your business that is perfectly suited for you.
  • It will also allow you to recognize when you are in your sweet spot of giftedness and when you are in danger zone of trying to be someone you are not, it alerts.

B- Builder DNA

Core theme: "People Drive Me Nuts"

Key Words: Driven, Clod, Ruthless, Calculative.

  • Chess player in the game of business always looks it to be:
  • Two or three moves ahead of the competition
  • Loves to build business from the ground up
  • Builds highly scalable business and sells them for huge money.
  • Builders do not like anyone telling them how to do anything. They prefer to be the one to be telling others how to do things.
  • Builders like to control employees
  • Even if they do financially well, they keep thinking of building new businesses. They actually build new businesses.
  • It is not about personal income it is more about the size of the organisation - Square footage, number of employees, annual revenue, market dominance, big brand image.
  • It is easy for them to “get in the zone" with business
  • It is hard to switch them off and relax.
  • They are risk tolerant.
  • They are proud of their risk taking ability.

O- Opportunist DNA

Core theme: “Who Cares?! Let's Do it"

Key Words: Speculative, leveraging tempted.

  • Opportunists would like to be at the right place at the right time, leveraging timing to make as much money as fast as possible
  • They are enticed by money making deal
  • Driven by desire to acquire wealth quickly and live off the spoils of that wealth for the long term
  • When an opportunist gets passionate about something they turn into promotional machine.
  • Opportunists have excellent work ethics. Can work long hours to get his goal of "Financial Freedom"
  • The presence of "opportunity" make them take quick decision without proper due diligence.
  • Opportunists get carried away by catchy head-line, a bunch of testimonials, an ironclad guarantee and limited time offer.
  • Opportunists would much rather be on vacation and relaxing than being in business.
  • They love being with like-minded, positive people.

S-Specialist DNA

Core theme: “Three Cheers for the Tortoise"

Key Words: Expert, in-depth subject knowledge.

  • Enter one industry and stay 15-30 years
  • Build strong expertise
  • Struggle to stand out in crowded marketplace of competitors
  • Very proud of their credentials, and display them proudly
  • Credentials act as a form of creditability and Validation for specialists
  • Finds lead generation difficult
  • Risk Averse
  • Good at due diligence
  • Methodical and systematic
  • Spend time working in the business; this means doing actually what they are good at
  • Deliver high-touch product and services to their customer.
  • Gives high value to customer loyalty
  • Great deal of focus on customer satisfaction
  • Value professional relationship and hence do high networking within their "community"
  • Understand strong interpersonal professional relationships are the life blood of their business

I-Innovator DNA 

Core theme: “Fish Out of Water"

Key Words: Passionate about R & D

  • Innovators stumble across break through innovation, recipe, concepts, systems or product that can be built into business.
  • Innovators never get into business deliberately. They do something they really loved doing and the business grows around it.
  • They don't start business for making money. All they start is with an idea, which they turned into product or service and then they discovered that people wanted that product or service.
  • People literally come to them and say "How can I buy some of this from you?"
  • They have low profit motive
  • They make lot of money but at the same time they may share wealth with friends, family and employees
  • Innovators tend to work in burst. When inspiration comes and all is well emotionally, massive break through takes place
  • Innovators are at worst when they are not in “lab”

About the Author

R Ramamurthy Krishna, PCC & GPHR is Director Potential Genesis HR Services LLP Coaching School is an author, blogger and speaker. He is executive coach, Trainer and coach mentor.  Krishna is a BOSI certified advisor in India. He can be contacted at 984720188,

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