From a cushy job to start-up investor and mentor

From a cushy job to start-up investor and mentor

How Devesh Chawla made it to the world of start-ups from a cushy job to start-up investor & mentor?

We all have our own journeys, some relentlessly stick to their plans, while others change routes for a different life.

But no matter what road we take, we live our own challenges, celebrations and transitions through the help and support of others.

There’s one such journey of Chatur Ideas' founder and CEO, Devesh Chawla, that took him from cubicles to the exciting and dynamic world of start-ups.

Devesh began his career with a cushy job in a thriving organization. Close to getting his promotion, Devesh was wondering about giving a chance to his entrepreneurial interests. While he knew his idea was big, he didn't get a lot of support from friends and family. Eventually, Devesh's entrepreneurial urge took the back seat until he saw a similar idea that he had was taking the industry by storm.

Well, this time he actually got approval on his big idea and he soon started working on a platform that'll navigate entrepreneurs like him into the right direction. Devesh says, "The gaps in the market were huge, but no one to fill. I realized how so many start-up ideas like mine go to vain due to a lack of support, mentoring or guidance. I knew something was to be done for this, and that's how Chatur Ideas was built.”

Till now, his company has worked with almost 1050+ start-ups, 1500+ investors in the industry, acquired a company which was started by IIT-IIM Alumni where we trained over 34,000 entrepreneurs across 125+ cities in 450 colleges, and everything was just a start for him. He was recently chosen among the top 100 Great People Managers of India and made his appearance in Forbes Magazine.

Can you please share top 3 lessons from your entrepreneurial journey?

Lesson 1

Never stop meeting the right people

Your connections keep your business afloat. Make relevant connections and networks that will keep you elucidated with their experiences and learnings. Keep in touch with them along the way and build quality relationships for uplifting your knowledge and business. As they say, your network is your net worth!

Lesson 2

Your business will demand money

If you are starting a start-up, it will demand some money and might take a few financial hits. But without spending money, you can't make it a long way. However, also don't forget to be frugal and smart with your spending patterns. The best entrepreneurs know when and where to spend while taking some risks. A tip here would be; to spend money where you see the value. This value can be social, psychological, or other ways.

Lesson 3

Take care of yourself

A successful start-up isn't about how much time and energy you are putting in; it is about how well you are balancing it with your personal life as well. Nothing is as important as your health while chasing your dreams. The phases that entrepreneurs call hard work might also unknowingly turn out into burnouts. As an entrepreneur, you must know to delegate work, make sure to take breaks and celebrate small wins. This will take you and your start-up a long way.

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