Love and Entrepreneurship are the same

“Love is the only thing which makes life worth living.” 

Love is a vital element that will make you sense the togetherness we have with fellow humans and nature. The essential mantra for triggering the self-confidence to unleash your potential is, “YOU GOT TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF (YGB).” 

Mr. Vijay Kapoor, an alumnus of Loyola College, delivering a session on ICT Academy Skycampus described the happenings in his life after graduating and getting his first job as a salesman. He mentioned two important experiences that he gained from his life.

  • He understood his strength only after getting into his first job. 
  • The second takeaway is that we are our brand ambassadors. We must brand ourselves.

An entrepreneur is the one who not only develops himself; eventually, they will create a platform for hundreds of aspiring minds to build on their own. 

Entrepreneurship is considered to be the most excellent form of social service. Mr. Vijay also pointed out that an idea gives only 10% success; the rest 90% is in the execution of ideas.

Simple processes produce ordinary results; hence we should have a passion for excellence.

The common things between love and entrepreneurship are so noticeable that you really need no expertise; both can be accomplished quickly despite a few experiences.

Essential Skills to Become Successful Entrepreneur

Below are the skills to become a successful entrepreneur:


The most important attribute for being an entrepreneur is self-confidence; we must believe in our abilities. An entrepreneur will have a massive level of confidence and bravery to initiate their own business. Every entrepreneur will have an idea to make an attempt to carve a niche in the competitive world of business.

There are likely times when you do not feel confident, but you know how to sport confidence, no matter how you’re feeling at that moment. 

You must have a solid confidence level, which must be perceived by people that you can handle any situation on your own.

Critical thinking

Critical thinking is a must-have skill for every entrepreneur. Since entrepreneurs are the problem-solvers, they must know how to approach and solve the problem. An entrepreneur must always be a solution provider, rather than feeling weighed down in adversities.

Critical thinking is an important skill, no matter what you are.


Communication is acquired through experience, rather taught. It is the only tool that nurtures the interaction between the people to understand their problems. An entrepreneur should know how to communicate clearly to the customers and the target audience.

The more you improve your communication, the more effective you can reach your goal.

Lifelong learning

An entrepreneur must be a lifelong learner. Having a learning routine helps you understand what happens around you. Lifelong learning leads to achieving greater heights in life.


If it isn’t love, it isn’t entrepreneurship...

Entrepreneurship is possibly just another symptom of being in love. Both have their ups and downs. The world says you are lost; but you know that in reality, you are flying high. However, there is more to this apart from the romanticism. Both love and entrepreneurship require more profound commitment; both need guts.

With love and entrepreneurship you can see the transformation that happens within you.

Sometimes both will put you in a dejected state, but when you overcome the pain and taste the success you can feel the goosebumps.

So, if you have ever been in love, entrepreneurship shouldn’t be tough. You won’t know about it unless you have got into it. Try to fall in love with entrepreneurship, you can feel the soar. It may surprise you that you have always had wings.

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Vijay Kapoor is a first generation entrepreneur who founded the Men's clothing brand 'Derbymen'

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