Venture Trends 2016

Reading through various resources for this issue on StartUp India, I came across three pivotal pieces of information that have made me write this. In fact, as I’m writing this I’m into pulling the pieces of entrepreneurial trend tiles to make a cube of perspective that will let you choose the positives from the trends and set the colors right for your specific purposes. Read on!

Predictions that buzz an alarm about any industry take the pulse out of the aspirants who seek to take a deep dive, particularly for those who aspire to become entrepreneurs and venture into start-ups that are with a boiling adrenaline.

A recent prediction for startups in India 2016, published in an ace portal projected various factors of caution to be considered by aspirant entrepreneurs pointing to a likely slash and closure of startups in food tech due to sustenance issues and sparse number of investors.

Further, from the report it is learned that there will be a surge in taxi business expected in huge markets like Delhi due to price surge and the odd-even scheme that demands the cars to ply on the basis of their number plates’ odd or even sequences. Experts say that a slowdown in investments in the second half of the year as there is likely due to the US presidential elections and its aftermaths.

Then is the issue of net neutrality that needs a serious attention as it is to split the digital industry into two halves yelling for and against the issue.

There is another signal hot and red that indicates the completion of investment cycles of many funds invested in the 2011-12 period, and the investors are likely to expect revenues from the startups or give them an exit opportunity.

It is also likely that bigwigs of the digital business industry are to give a tough fight to the startups as there will likely be a bout of fundraising ahead in the year. Much to the clash of bigwigs and startups, there is a huge invasion of global monsters around the corner that are coming on a wild spree of acquisitions.

Now having shocked you much with the painful predictions for the year let me take a U-turn towards presenting some positivity as given in

Stand-up India, Startup India is the new buzz word. As we open our arms for 2016, here are few predictions for Indian Startups individually and for the ecosystem on the whole. US is debating on immigrants and US native entrepreneurs, we at India do not have such comparisons. It’s all by the Indian and For the Indian in her case. As Indian entrepreneurs handle around many uncertainties with a big debate on big bubble of valuations and other ambiguities all around, it’s the ability to work in ambiguity with genuine purpose and right execution would carve out the success path. Though predictions are difficult to be made but based on trends, anticipation as well as expectations for the year ahead. They may have a flavor of ‘wish list’ for many of the readers.

  • Craze for “Unicorns” would reduce with increasing focus on smaller businesses (Non- Unicorn) with impactful solutions for people.
  • With “Smart Copy-Paste” ideas getting exhausted, it would be time for real Indian problems being addressed by Indian entrepreneurs.
  • Shift from Hyped Funding to Sustainability of ventures. Slow sustained growth is better than fast funded failure.
  • More startups would pick up approach of crowdsourcing (democracy), shared economy, DIY enabling platforms and easy-fast payments. Steps towards an open system.
  • Sectors that would invite more attention would be IoT-Wearable, Education, Clean Energy, Health and Agriculture.
  • More Entrepreneurs would pick up Non-IT but hardcore innovations and inventions for business venture creation would be the focus.
  • Strong public policy support for entrepreneurs and startups with special funds and PPP models.
  • More of inclusive approach by Government to build the strong ecosystem is initiated
    • IIT/IIM/NIT’s would become epicenter of startups activity in different regions. They would develop hubs/villages for startups with sectorial emphasis.
    • Banks/DIC and other govt. agencies would be part of the efforts
    • Special scheme for Woman, Divyang (especially abled) and weaker sections of the society.
    • Smaller towns would get more vibrant with strength of virgin market and huge talent available as well as low cost of experimentation.
  • Winning customers through “Discounts/Offers” would fade away with pressure to build solutions to work without such “loss-schemes”.
  • More setting up of Incubators and Mentoring organizations by educational institutions as well as private corporate organizations.
  • Ability of entrepreneurs would get more credit than the power of idea with efforts on skill and ability building for potential entrepreneurs.
  • Colleges and Educational establishments would promote “taking risk” with concrete policy for safety net in case of failure.
  • Government would amend/make laws for easy registrations, loans/fund disbursement and lower taxation for young and new startups.
  • Job creation by startups would achieve numbers worth mentioning for nation building.
  • Smaller businesses would get the deserved credit for their contribution and solutions forIndian people.
  • Young Indians would continue their love for social ventures with a desire to bring a positive change.


The mix of trends facts and predictions would have stirred the mire for you. Read, gain clarity and decide on shaping your venture to be a successful one.

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