Humility – The Golden Soil

One of the most exciting things of being an entrepreneur is somewhere believing that you can turn your dreams in reality. While success stories of entrepreneurs are very limited, yet it remains most important foundational brick in the world we are living in now. If it was not for the spirit of entrepreneurship, we might be still living in stone age. But what next? While over so many years we as humans have enjoyed this unique ability of creativity, contemplation and materializing our thoughts it is a time we reflect on why very few of us indeed miss to reach the zenith of our project or idea. Why somewhere in the middle or many times in the beginning itself we stop? Being an entrepreneur myself, would like to share my perspective on how humility is the key in the journey of entrepreneurship. How it is the golden soil which is must for us to reap gems of our dreams.

Those of us who have already ventured on this journey or those of us who are in the process of starting one we all can connect to that moment, one moment, when something from inside us said ‘This is it. This is what I want to do and there is nothing in the world that can stop me from doing it.’ That moment that spark has ignited in us, our mind starts exploring means to convert our dream into reality but while we embark on this journey, we forget that while ‘I’ am a key factor in the process, but I am not the only one. The success of this dream is highly dependent on my ability to evolve with the environment I will encounter on this journey.

What sparked in us might be whole or many a times part of whole what can be accomplished with our earnest efforts. It might be as vague as ‘I want to build an educational institute where age is no bar’ or it might be as precise as ‘I want to build an educational institute where age is no bar to learn Asian art forms. But one thing that would remain common amongst both is ability of the entrepreneur to fall and rise, to get hurt and stand up again, to be the one at receiving end, because it will be this ability that would enable an entrepreneur to go beyond ego and make diversions where required.

Many a times we feel so adamant with the idea we started. Also, we fail to take detours or diversions which are required for us to reach that zenith. We look at diversions as symbol of failure because our ego says, “I know it well and I know it all”. While the concept we started working with was a mere idea it will be fuelled by many factors which might require us to make amendments in our original plan.

Evolution or growth is the primary function of nature. While we are very conscious of our evolution from a child to an adult, we fail to recognize that once we are adults, we either continue our journey of evolution in mental space or we stop growing. In the same process our ideas, visions, missions also would grow. There is a need for the deep-rooted idea to grow and evolve, so that the idea will be fulfilled when it is groomed with humility. When an entrepreneur stops nurturing the idea with humility eventually the growth will also stop and that is end of the journey.

So next time when you encounter a possible diversion on your entrepreneurial journey take a pause and work on it which will make your story a success story.


Manika Sharma

Founder Twig2tree Akademia

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Manika Sharma is the Founder of Twig2tree Akademia

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