Student entrepreneurs are not propelled by money when they begin, but rather develop a keenness towards monetary gain in due course; it is not their primary goal. Student entrepreneurs are motivated by their potential to generate value for society and to help individuals in need.

Why Powerful?

1. More Creativity

Irrespective of their branch of study, student entrepreneurs are highly creative individuals. Frequently, they are interested in accomplishing things differently, like creating incremental enhancements to existing products & services or utilizing a different business model and unique ways of problem-solving and critical thinking. 

2. Win-Win Growth Mindset

Student entrepreneurs are very keen on building connections with other people — even immediate competitors. They value a win-win approach, motivating them and others around them to grow together.  

3. Min-risk Advantage

Usually, student entrepreneurs have fewer financial obligations. Therefore, they are not likely to encounter an unrecoverable monetary disaster from a failed business or an experimental venture.

4. Freedom to Play

Being a student entrepreneur offers them more freedom than many other professions. They can start a business, focused on elements, which they are passionate and knowledgeable about. They have the power to turn anything into a successful venture while spending their time doing what they love. In addition, they are their own bosses, they set their own work schedules, and responsibilities, and have decision-making power. Being a student entrepreneur, it’s not another nine-to-five job. Using the knowledge they’ve learned from school, colleges, and their own life experiences, they can develop creative ideas, innovations, and inventions. 

Entrepreneurship is not an unrealistic dream, anyone from a child to a senior can start their journey in it at any time. There are no barriers to entry, no required degrees, work experiences, or even finical capital.

Time Advantage

Student entrepreneurs have both the time and control over how they spend it. They can devote as much or as little time as they want towards a passion project, turning it into a business. Furthermore, student entrepreneurs have the time to make mistakes and learn from them. Being an entrepreneur is to learn and grow from every opportunity, whether it be a problem, challenge, or even failure.

Finally, Students if you can code, play an instrument, or learn another language, you could learn entrepreneurship.

Happy Entrepreneurship!

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Manickavel Muthusamy, is the CEO & Co-Founder, Expert Solution Technologies Canada Inc., Toronto, Canada.

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