He woke up to a nightmare, yet it was not over. Yes, it was Monday! It was a job of his passion, (instigated and influenced to pick it by so many relatives and friends) yet something was not making it square (not even a dot). He lived in an IoT environment (not a home) that sounded great when installed. In fact, the smart systems beckoned the fire engine, when the house warming ceremony happened. He was proud of the way he woke up to a sweet smart assistant’s voice. He has decided not to get married until the next best technology disrupts the industry (three technologies disrupt every week) and he is one of those 90’s kids. His dating app was flowing over with rejection notifications; none of which he ever minded peeking into; he was happy as he was a saving freak who spends only on online stores and food apps.

His car picked him at his portico and started driving; he ensured his driving license lies in the dashboard and smiled at it (it was a driverless car). On his voice commands, the journey became smoother till his car got itself parked using the GPS and the IoT. He walked smartly (happiness is secondary) into his office, grimly returning “morning” (not a “good” morning though) to greetings from every corner, he threw some smilies on the official WhatsApp group. He smiled at his laptop to get it opened using the latest smile recognition technology. He opened his password manager with the master password and opened the password storage and used the passwords one by one to open all his work applications (as prompted by the password manager’s manager).

His browser got topped with tabs of different mail servers, each with a minimum of 199 auto-responder messages intimating the recipients were on vacation. One of those auto-responses was from his boss who was on a looooong vacation to his dream destination. That was the tough thing that made him tired of what he loved (the job). When there are no breaks from the work we love, we mostly end-up breaking up (Only a person like him will get frustrated, not me). For most, dream job should be ideal, while the ideal job is a dream in truth; for many, landing a job is like landing at their dream destination (they never want to retire). For the first time since joining, he felt bad for having a huge leave balance. All his vacations were cashed by his company; he was duly incentivized (but unduly victimized).

Immediately, opting work from home (the IoT environment), he pinged his car to the portico. His electric car was low on charge, and came drooping; helplessly he had to spend the day at the office until the car was back fully charged. Completely frustrated on this heavily trivial thing, he hit his phone on the table. His home got signalled accidentally through the IoT app just corrupted. The oven was on with the pizza left in it, the coffee maker was progressing towards the boiling point. The TV was on tuning to his favourite news channel, the car being charged drove to the office portico, running into the boss’ brand new car. Being sacked, he shouted at his car to reach home (which was already a pandemonium) but it didn’t move a bit. Picking a manned cab, he reached home, and as he stepped in, he found the house being ransacked. The thief had left a short video on the CCTV, thanking the house owner for being generous and “open”. Getting the hint of a burning oven, he checked the IoT app and as he clicked on it the house went on a boom… and he woke up to a nightmare, yet it was not over… It was Monday.

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