5 Dos to be productive in WFH

A major chunk of the workforces across the world have been Working from Home (WFH) forced by the pandemic outbreak. However, in a country like India that is most conventional in almost everything it does, WFH is now a reality for months. Working from home for a shorter stint is different from working towards a no definite end date. While, only the end of the pandemic knows the end of WFH, here are few tips to work productively.

1. Work hates the couch

Experts say, while it is most tempting to settle down with your laptop on a couch, bed or the kitchen, it equally ruins the purpose. Choose a desk to sit with a right posture that gives you the mindset to actively engaging in your work; it also adds to productivity.

If you still feel convenient to work sitting on a couch, think of the hours you actually invest per day into your work; you will certainly move away from the couch.

Suggested: Have a dedicated, amply equipped workspace

2. Household tasks drain work time

Since the lockdown levied, there have been memes, caricatures, and cartoons on the social media that most people who WFH are either pulled into or volunteer to do household tasks. Though, on a lighter note, such posts make you laugh, indulging in household tasks actually drain your work time. Prioritize your work “deliverable” to your daily “manageable”.

Suggested: Dress for office, if possible to have a work mindset.

3. Draw a line between work hours and personal time

If you are not on a 24-7 job, you should be having a clear timeline set for ending your work time every day. Instead, get up at a fixed time, work for the set hours, and never indulge into anything work related beyond those hours. Not indulging in work after your work hours would help you focus better when you start again.

Suggested: Set a mind alarm to shift from work clock to leisure

4. Take break. Don’t miss it

Having a complete day with no breaks would only affect your productivity. Be it for a drink, or for the lunch, take a “real” break, i.e., where you only have your lunch or enjoy your drink and do not work. Don’t let your computer/laptop binge watch you.

Suggested: Take a walk; Read a book

5. Meet colleagues, even from far-off

In one of our online meetings, a colleague stated that it has been long time meeting everyone since we started WFH, who our boss immediately responded, stating the technology is very much available and he should have pinged or called people far-off.

Even though, online meetings are different from meeting each other in person, only they help us keeping up socializing virtually.

While socializing is important, make clear rules for in-house interaction during the work hours, particularly when the workspace is shared within the family or the flatmates.

Suggested: Use technology to meet people face-to-face

WFH may end sooner or recur in our professional lives in future, or may become permanent. There is a new generation of workforce emerging around the corner - the Gig workers; the industry may push us to either adapt to the emerging work style or cope with the new generation and thrive. This new generation is expected to deliver the most without complete, or with little supervision. Hence, having a clear decorum would certainly help us be productive without supervision. Experts opine that those who deliver most without or with little supervision are sure to thrive across industries post lockdown. The bottom line is, when the world is full of uncertainties, our professional attitude would surely help us steer clear through the rough waters of the times.

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