A Few Good Men

Who wants to be ordinary? Not you. Not me. The good news is that extraordinary men are not born; they are made.

ICT Academy, presents A Few Good Men, capturing the bio-sketch of nine leaders from different walks of life: manufacturing, service, movies, corporate finance, banking, journalism, medicine, education, and software.

The book makes a deep dive into identifying their DNA based on direct personal interviews.

Here is a sneak peek on the few good men lined up in the book!

Arun Alagappan, a 43-year-old fourth-generation scion of the Murugappa Group who pedaled the family business to greater heights, cycling his way from GE to Chola.

R Dinesh, in a climate that breathes tradition, he chartered a rocky terrain to give customers a standout example of Trust, Value, and Service; the man behind TVS Logistics.

S Shankar, once a quality control supervisor, he strides the world of cinema like a colossus; receiving public adulation customarily reserved for rock stars.

V Balakrishnan, who aspired to study computer engineering but ended up doing CA. Today, the former CFO of Infosys is a major private equity player, social entrepreneur, and politician.

T N Manoharan, a star teacher, a tax expert, an ace administrator, and now a banker extraordinary; this multi-faceted Padma Shri is a mentor to an accounting firm he founded.

S Viswanathan, in 1962, jumped into economic journalism. By 2019, while magazines of that genre folded up, his paper survived; an octogenarian’s love affair with the pen.

Dr. N G Palaniswami, in their mid-forties, a doctor couple returned from the US to establish and run a world-class hospital in Kovai.

M V Muthuramalingam, a civil contractor who started a school, which has now metamorphosed into a conglomerate of 56 institutions, and 140,000 students.

Arun Jain, arguably the only CEO whose Indian company had the chutzpah to take over an MNC. He desires to be in the center of the changing face of the technology product industry.

This book being the first non-fiction publication of ICT Academy with nine engaging stories wrapped under the title A Few Good Men, was launched on Aug 27, 2019, that coincided with the 10th anniversary of ICT Academy.

This book is written by V Pattabhi Ram, Partner, Yoganandh & Ram; a writer, public speaker, and teacher, with interviews by
M Sivakumar and B Anbuthambi

Celebrating the excellent, the ICT way!

This is a must read, a must buy, and a must gift to get imbibed of the earthy qualities to lead a life that leaves footprints.

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