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What's the one important quality that can provide peace, happiness, bliss, and freedom for Parents?

I strongly believe that one important quality is Acceptance. Even though the word "Acceptance" seems to be simple, it's really hard to practice in real life. But if we can practice "Acceptance" with our children the way they are, I can assure, you will be a parent who can have all the best qualities as I mentioned above.

Why “acceptance” is hard for us? Yes, we have a lot of expectations on our children. They should study well, score good marks, be good human beings with moral values, be smart, intelligent, on par with the world etc. When they are IN LINE with our expectations, we are happy about them. But when they aren't ALIGNED with our expectations, then we end up showing frustration and anger on them.

On the other hand, though they aren't ALIGNED with our expectations, but when we ACCEPT them with all that they have (the good, bad and ugly), imagine the kind of freedom and peace we can have within us. From that point, we can communicate with them better. Our words will not be filled with anger or frustration, we will turn into COLLABORATIVE parents. Those who experience collaborative parenting will have great relationships with their children irrespective of their age.

Are you a COLLABORATIVE parent, if not, START TODAY.  We will help you through the journey.

About the Author

Ms. Mubeen Irshad is an Author, Storyteller, Motivational Speaker, and a Trainer. She is the Director of Story Carpet that believes in transforming children and adults through Storytelling, Public Speaking, and Creative Writing. She has received the “Top 100 Women Entrepreneurs award” from Ooruni Foundation and “Women on the rise” from Cynergy Writers Forum, Mumbai. Her trademark is “Educate, Express, and Emerge.

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