Wanting high performance is not uncommon. But there are challenges that come in the way of high performance. This article will give you pointers on how to coach yourself for high performance. Let’sget started with the brass tacks of high performance.

What is High Performance?

Achieving superior results by performing at a high standard as per set targets. To state it simply, creating the next higher version of yourself or your business, by competing with your own self and maximizing the potential is high performance.

Why High Performance?

Well, who doesn’t want high performance?! Be it individuals or organisations, everyone wants to be a high performer in their domain. And the truth is, everyone is a high performer. All that you need to do is channelize your performance in the right direction for exceptional results.

What is required for High Performance?

Your desire to strive for the better and the keenness of your intent are important. Exceeding your own expectations is high performance.

Challenges & Solutions

What’s coming in the way of achieving High Performance? How to overcome it? If your mind voice is saying “Achieving high performance is easier said than done”, then let us explore what are the challenges in the way of your high performance and how you can overcome it.

1. Lack of clarity

Lack of clarity or not knowing why you want to achieve the goals that are set is a common challenge for high performance. Why do you want to excel in the chosen area? What is your driving factor in getting to the next level? What do you truly want to achieve for yourself? Know the purpose behind your desired actions. Knowing your purpose makes you feel more determined and, thereby, propels you forward. It aids you in the manifestation of your goals and leads you towards high performance. The first key to overcome the lack of clarity is awareness; enhance your awareness level.

2. Lack of focus

Once you are clear about what you want, why you are doing and what you are doing, observe whether you are focusing on what action you need to take to achieve the desired outcome. It is easy to lose focus and sway away from the set goals if you are not attentive. Evaluate ways and means by which you can focus better. The second key to achieve high performance and overcome lack of focusis mindfulness.

3. Getting distracted

Even though you have set your high-performance goals, it is normal to get easily distracted. There are umpteen sources of distractions, ranging from social media, messaging, television, news, movies, browsing, online shopping and what not! As a result, all these eat away into your precious time, making you feel that you do not have time for anything that you want to do, and you seem to be in a constant race against time. This lack of time does not allow you to practice. And for high performance, you need to keep practicing till you achieve mastery and consistency. So, the third key to achieve high performance is Time Management. Be smart in managing your time.

4. Being in the Comfort zone

It is said that magic happens outside the comfort zone. Yet you feel happy when snuggled inside your zone of comfort. The thought of taking extra pains to step outside your comfort zone seems to challenge you. While you may want to do it, there is always a “but” that is stopping you from stepping out of your comfort zone.If you want to achieve that little bit more and go the extra mile, for accomplishing the high performance targets you have set, then check what would it take for you to step out of your comfort zone. The fourth key for achieving high performance is to step out of your comfort zone.

5. Fear of failure

Fear of failure is one of the biggest factors that affects performance. You probably want to try your hands at many new things, but it is the fear of failure that blocks you. It further worsens when you think “Oh! What will people say?!” and these thoughts do not encourage you to do your best. It only pulls you down. The key to overcome the fear of failure is grit.

How can a coach help in leveraging high performance?

A coach is an accountability partner with the client to enable high performance. A coach kindles your thoughts by being a

  • Catalyst to bring out your best
  • Sounding board that gives you clarity 
  • Mirror that reflects your thoughts

This aids in overcoming your challenges, finding the right solutions and empowering you to be a higher version of yourself thus driving high performance. Leaders, teams or organisations, everyone would like to be a high performer in their domain. An organisation is only as successful as its leaders and leaders are only as successful as their teams. The leader is the key link between the organisation and the teams. By driving high performance in teams, a leader can contribute to the organisations’ growth and success. High performance leads to high profits.

If you would like to empower yourself or your teams & improve the level of performance, the book that can be recommended is “Get High”, which talks about how to coach yourself for high performance in your work.It is an activity-based book which will propel for high performance.

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Sangeeta Shankaran Sumesh, The Gain Enabler, Business Coach for high performance & high profits, Bestselling Author of “What The Finance” &“Get High”, TEDx Speaker & Professional Speaker.

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