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ICT Connect interacts with a variety of leaders to bring its readers great insights on various topics. This time, we have Dr. Raj C Mohan, Director, Cloud Services, Kyndryl, who holds a doctorate in Organizational Behaviour from IIM Ahmedabad – RT. Here’s what you need to know from this resourceful leader.

We learned that you are interested in travelling. We would like to know about your journey as a techie.

Early Exploration

Curiosity led to exploration & exploration led to interest during my childhood. As a kid I used to dismantle and try to assemble every possible electronic gadget I could find.

Education and Skill Development

Pursuing my dream with formal education was the next logical step of the journey.

Specialization and Continued Learning

Industry is constantly evolving so it’s imperative to remain relevant. I ensure that I embraced new challenges to use newfound skills and improve myself. Identify leaders who can mentor me, and I keep changing mentors to adapt new skills and learnings.

As an alumni of IIM Ahmedabad (RT), what will be your advice regarding choosing a higher education institution for those who are from tier-II and tier-III belts?

Getting into a prestigious institution might sound challenging but it’s not impossible.

Entrance Exams

Prepare and excel in your entrance exams like Common entrance test, utilize options like Mock tests and simulations that improve your scores over time and help you boost your confidence for the actual exam.

Personal Development

This is as important as academic performance. Engage in extracurricular activities, leadership roles and internships.

Seek Guidance and Network.

Reach out to mentors, teachers, and professionals to guide you through the process. They can provide valuable insights additionally; this will help you build a strong network by connecting you with Alumni and professionals with relevant experience.

Holding a doctorate in Organizational Behaviour, which skills you feel that the young generations should cultivate right from the college days?

Organizational behaviour is a field of study that examines the behaviour and interactions of individuals within an organization and can be used in smaller groups or within a university as well.  The principles and concepts are a framework and can be beneficially adapted at an early stage by individuals.

Critical and disruptive thinking with problem solving – Most colleges teach this as part of the curriculum but it’s imperative for students to adopt this as part of their day-to-day activities.   Developing effective communication skills along with critical thinking and problem solving is vital. 

I would also suggest collaboration and teamwork – Continue to encourage students to participate in Field studies, Group projects, lead events to develop teamworking skills. This ensures enriching diverse perspectives.

Being a techie, what interested you to volunteer for education cause?

Giving back to community has been part of my family for generations now. Choosing education was because it leaves everlasting impact on individual’s lives. The joy of witnessing the growth and success of individuals is immensely rewarding for me.

What should every student and parents know about RTE?

Indian Constitution under 86th Amendment act 2002, There is right to free and compulsory education for children from 6-14 years of age.  The eligibility criteria cover weaker sections who can directly register through the Right to Education website in their respective states. I highly encourage everyone to propagate and participate in this initiative to help our community.

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