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ICT Academy that augments the nation building through its various initiatives has been creating avenues that cater to quench the knowledge quest of its primary audiences; the academia and the youth. Way back in 2010 the Academy launched ICT Connect as one of its knowledge platforms, and to this day is reaching its audiences online.

In the next two years, Cognizant of the changing content consumption scenario in the society, with more people switching day-by-day from reading books to watching videos on-the-go, ICT Academy started “ICT Academy YouTube channel” in the year 2012. This was initiated with a vision to create a knowledge repository and to reach a wider audience across the globe. Since inception, ICT Academy has been disseminating intellectual content through various platforms such as journals, magazine and the flagship event ICT Academy Bridge – The Largest industry-institute interaction event of India, Youth Talk – The Massive Talkathon. Readily, of all the events and products mentioned, the events shot came in handy to be featured on YouTube.

Today, ICT Acadmey YouTube channel features 60+ playlists arraying 700+ videos of speeches delivered by industry experts, policymakers, and educationists, students, and media personalities.

The new addition to this array playlists is ICT Academy Dialogue, an interview series that features experts from a variety of industries with a focus to enlighten the youth community. This interview series is a brainchild of Anbuthambi, the Executive Vice President of ICT Academy. The first video was aired on the 01st of February 2018. ICT Academy Dialogue has been religiously published at 4:00 PM every Friday, since then.

ICT Academy YouTube channel has 1.9 lakh subscribers. It has now crossed over 20 million viewers. As a gesture of thanks, ICT Academy published a poster across its social media pages to thank its viewers who helped to reach this milestone. Previously, ICT Academy had received the silver play button plaque for reaching 1 lakh subscribers; it is a notable progress of adding one more lakh of subscribers within a span of one year.

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