Make a Positive Ripple

Make a Positive Ripple

My maid Eswari is very smart and intelligent. She comes to my home every day on time and finishes her chores. She is a quick learner and finishes her work without any delay.

Few months back, she came to me and said that she has been working as a housemaid all these years and now wishes to work from home. Hence, she wanted to learn tailoring to become a tailor. Initially I was shocked; my mind wandered around and starting thinking about my household works and who would come for her replacement as Eswari has been doing a neat job always and completes her on time, even beyond what I expected. I did not have any choice and at the same time, I did not want to let her go.

By hiding all my disappointments, I appreciated her for the decision that she had taken, and I understood her wish to work from home. I encouraged her to go for training and then we could decide. She felt very happy by hearing my reply for her decision.

Even though I said ‘Yes’, I was not convinced with her decision, as she will be leaving me soon. She started her training for few months by doing the house maid as a part time work..

After a few days, she came to me and said that she wanted to buy a sewing machine and asked me to lend her some amount. My heart melted down by hearing those words. Even though I did not want her to leave, I did not want to stop her.

I gave her the money. Within a couple of days, she bought the machine and started stitching at home. Even I started giving my clothes for alteration works and she was doing a good work. 

Few days later, she informed me that her training period was over and she was planning to work in a big factory little far from here, to learn the nuances of tailoring.  She asked me if she could quit the job and join there for a month. I agreed and asked her to leave someone in her place. 

Later I realized, if I would not have said ‘Yes’ and not helped her with the money, her interest would have withered eventually and she would have continued her job as a maid. I was glad that I had made a difference in someone's life. 

When we make a difference in others’ life, their hope and certainty towards future move forward. Their standard of living increases and they serve as the role model for their children. Their confidence level and the ability to do any kind of work stride towards the highest level.

She gave me the inspiration to get out from my comfort zone of an IT career towards becoming a Storyteller, Speaker, and a Writer. I transformed from talking to Machines to talking to people. 

If you do not like the mundane work, get out of your comfort zone and find the right one. If you are a teacher teaching the same subject every year, get out of your comfort zone and teach another subject. If you are an accountant, but you are interested to do business, get out of your comfort zone and go for it. 

If you are an IT Professional, who does not like to work on the regular technology skills of Java and Mainframes, get out of your comfort zone and learn other advanced technology.

At any point in life, if you like to achieve anything extraordinary and magnificent get out of your comfort zone and go for extra miles, the destination will be yours. All we have is this one life. Live with passion.

About the Author

Ms Mubeen Irshad is the Director of Story Carpet. It focuses to transform children and adults through Storytelling, Public Speaking, and Creative Writing. Ms Mubeen Irshad has received the “Top 100 Women Entrepreneurs Award” from Ooruni Foundation and “Women on the rise” from Cynergy Writers Forum, Mumbai. Her trademark is “Educate, Express and Emerge”.

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