Music soothes my soul: Influence of music on mental health

In the race of thoughts and quests to prove ourselves, relaxation often takes a back seat. We are engrossed in work, personal, and professional responsibilities that we forget to take a pause. Music to me, is that pause. It is something that relocates me, to a place which is happier when I am elated and comforting when I feel extremely low. Music has a different meaning for each of us, may be for some it is mostly an escape and for others it is an important ingredient of any party.

But is music important? Does it influence our mental health?

While most of the things around us do affect our mental health, it is important to check how does it affect us. It is always said to surround yourself with positive people and healthy environments which are good for our overall health (mental and physical) and well-being.

Feed your minds with thoughts that are peaceful and merry. Fill your lives with activities that calm your overwhelming emotions and bring you back to your place of comfort. Music is that place! It is that energy and that power!

It can boost your mood and be like a comforting warm hug when you are broken. According to recent research findings there are many who believe that music therapy can benefit an individual suffering from various psychological conditions. These conditions might begin from basic anxiety leading to depression and schizophrenia as well. Music is both a medium of processing emotions like grief, jealousy, and trauma but it also acts as calming agent when an individual is feeling anxious.

Here are some benefits of music on mental health:

  • Relaxes your mind, soothes your soul – Unwanted thoughts always disrupt the peace of our mind. Upset mind affects your health and body which ultimately disturbs your soul. Listening to music can be extremely relaxing to both the mind and soul. It refreshes us and uplifts our mood. With happy mood and peaceful mind one can efficiently work towards the task required to work on.
  • Improves focus – Recent studies have proven that listening to classical music helps the mind to focus. Music with tempo of 80 bpm (beats per minute) increases the brain’s ability to process certain information. Other studies also suggest that EDM (electronic dance music) helps to sharpen your attention while studying. With a focussed mindset and lesser time, one can productively work towards their responsibilities.
  • Reduces depression and anxiety – Researchers have found that music therapy reduces the risk of depression and anxiety. Along with that, the ones who are suffering from it feel a bit better when they listen to music. One study found that music therapy was a safe, low-risk way to reduce depression and anxiety in patients suffering from neurological conditions such as dementia, stroke, and Parkinson's disease. There are various types of music which help in treating with different conditions. Classical and meditation music offer the greatest mood-boosting benefits.
  • Expression of anger or any negative emotion – One fears from negative emotions because they are certainly more vulnerable both for the individual and the people around them. Listening to music of your choice at that time, while you are still angry (feeling any other negative emotion) helps to process that emotion. Listening to appropriate music can be therapeutic when one’s dealing with stress and anger.
  • Motivates to do more and better – It has almost become impossible now to walk, jog, exercise or do gym without your favourite music around. Music pushes us to do better, do more and with the tunes and rhythms it certainly does feel good. Vibing with high pitched or any music you are fond of, makes it better for your health. So, with music around you, you get to focus on both your physical and mental health.

Health is an important part of your life. A healthy individual feels even better when he/she is happy. Try to do things which make you both healthy and fill your hearts with contentment. Take care of your mental and physical health!

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  • Very well written Nishtha Kawrani. Music helps in almost all the parts of our life, especially when it comes to soothing. Keep sharing the real facts. God bless you.
  • Very well written Nishtha Kawrani. Music helps in almost all the parts of our life, especially when it comes to soothing. Keep sharing the real facts. God bless you.
  • Very well written Nishtha Kawrani. Music helps in almost all the parts of our life, especially when it comes to soothing. Keep sharing the real facts. God bless you.
  • Music helps us in many parts of our life, thank you so much Nishtha Kawrani ji for sharing the importance of music in our life with some real fact and research point, Almight Nirankar bless u always.. ??????
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