NDDN PROJECT - NDMC Digital Door Number

NDDN PROJECT - NDMC Digital Door Number

  • Street addressing is an exercise that makes it possible to identify the location of a plot or dwelling on the ground, that is, to “assign an address” using a system of maps and signs that gives the numbers or names of streets and buildings. This concept may be extended to urban networks and services; in addition to buildings, other types of urban fixtures, such as public standpipes, street lamps, and taxi stands also would find addresses easily. Designating a home address is a big problem— indeed; it is one of the most difficult issues to resolve in urban life, although it may not seem so. The problem is significant because individuals are as defined by their place of residence as they are by their names or attributes. Today, one’s home address is an integral part of personal identification data; it is found on voter identification and social security cards. STREET ADDRESSING AND THE MANAGEMENT OF CITIES problem is so difficult to resolve that it has taken a lot of time to find a solution, and yet, the solution is continually being modified.” Houses need a distinctive marker, which could be easily recognizable, but the system chosen, defines the address using the street number of the house on the street, and the city, which was adopted only after much trial and error.
  • Today, identifying and accessing a particular property digitally and physically has become a challenge. House numbers were expected to solve this problem but archaic house numbering systems are not able to catch up with rapid urbanization. This house numbering system lead to inconsistencies in how people explain, write and store addresses. This created inefficiencies in service delivery across private and public systems.
  • To solve the issues of accessibility and uniform identity of houses/properties, NDMC has introduced Digital Door Number (NDDN) project across NDMC area. NDDN is a scientific, street-based addressing system that adheres to international guidelines with nine digits alpha numeric and works for City’s unique topology with Lat/Long nomenclature. Delhi’s addressing infrastructure is inconsistent and outdated. Poor addressing impacts citizens, businesses and government or private service delivery, and day-to-day life balances.

  • NDMC (New Delhi Municipal Council) is the first city to have integrated the property level data across the utility like water, electricity and Property Tax with NDDN and seamlessly identify the cumulative revenue. NDDN is the first of its kind in the country which serves the following:
    • Each property can be digitally identified on the map. A QR code and RFID is placed at the door to build the access based use cases like solid waste management, vaccination etc.
    • Each NDDN with nine digits is integrated with QR Code, which can be used to fetch property details, through an application where a Garbage collector can collect the garbage visualizing segregated, non-segregated and hazardous from door to door.
    • “The location of the garbage tipper can be ascertained real-time by scanning the RFID fitted on the tippers, which can be visualized on ICCC.”
    • This will have significant advantages in providing services effectively to all locations in NDMC.
    • In future, it can be extended for its utility in different fields.
    • NDMC has also created a unique short code of four alpha-numeric digit to locate the premises through Google.
    • This NDDN will be further integrated with public and private service providers to improve the service delivery like ambulance, police, and public grievances.

A Greenfield project addressing the key issues in New Delhi to avoid ambiguous addressing and enable:

  • Unique Address to every street & door
  • Impact Solid Waste Management
  • Connect all services to one number
  • Future proof numbering
  • Authenticate Service Delivery
  • Enable Private sector service providers

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Dharmendra Pratap Singh IAS, working as a of Director IT, education NDMC and additional CEO of New Delhi Smart City.

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