Reflections: A journey of unlearning

Reflections: A journey of unlearning

Reflections: A journey of unlearning

The onset of the Covid- 19 Pandemic last year changed the way we look at our work. It made us sit back and reflect on ourselves and our ways of dealing with life. I felt that it was challenging to battle the pandemic and that I needed some basic life skills that would help me survive through the storm. Here in this article, I wish to share the same with you all, so that it helps you move forward in life with confidence and strength.

Find your purpose

A lot of times, we are mindless of the work we are drowned in. Without purpose, work is just a means to meet an end. Purpose helps us find meaning in our lives.

While I was starting my professional journey, I used to work in my father’s shoe shop. Then, I got a job as a cashier in a nationalized bank. I was very humbled with my selection; however, I did not feel that my heart was in it. I left a note to my boss saying that I was grateful for the opportunity but would like to move ahead with something else.

Later, I realised that business was my calling. Through business I wished to open up better opportunities for the Artisans. My purpose bloomed into working for people and growing together with them.

In my four decades I realized business is a way of living and not a balance sheet that gives out profits. For this very reason, I have always followed my heart and not targets.

Find your purpose and start working towards it. It will redefine the way you look at life.

Undo your mental barriers

Mindset plays a huge role in our life. The right mindset can help you stay strong and deal with unpredictable challenges with ease. I have experienced that when I am calm and composed, I deal with all my problems in a much better approach. It is not impulsive, but rather it is instinctive.

There were times when I have felt angry and frustrated with my work and the people around me. Upon introspection, I realized that I have become a slave to my habits. I was not present at the moment and hence my reactions stemmed out of my auto-pilot mode.

Gradually, I developed a habit to ask myself whether my mind is at peace. This helped me to slow down and start practicing mindfulness. Being mindful helped me to make conscious decisions and has also improved my mental health.

It is important to undo your mental barriers so that you can see everything with the lens of clarity and composure. So that when you will be confronted with panic and patience, you always end up choosing the latter.

Unlearn and upgrade

The world is changing rapidly and adaptability is the key. Given that the horrors of the Pandemic will reflect on workplaces and businesses around the world in times to come, it is only right that we keep upgrading our skills. To walk with technology, adapting to new skill sets, and being open to learning helps broaden our own horizons and make us more fit for workplaces.

I have time and again tried unlearning and re-learning in order to grow and improve for the better. This practice has not only helped me shed out old norms and habits that are not required for this generation but has also unlocked my doors to creative freedom. My employees know the importance of creativity in the organization. I give them enough freedom to take up new tasks which they like and take them forward to add value to the company. This keeps them engaged with the team and helps them nurture a happy work culture.

My sincere request to the younger generation would be to keep trying new things and unlearn when it is necessary. It might just give you a new meaning to life.

Celebrate your vulnerability

Vulnerability makes you stronger. Most of the time we choose to be arrogant about our abilities and that prevents us from being open to new learnings and humble lessons. We, humans, are very insignificant, and being close to our vulnerable side can help us embrace our weaknesses as much as our strengths. Remember, our imperfections make us unique.

Whenever I am asked of that one trait that I would like to pass on to my extended family at Jaipur Rugs, I always say that it has to be a vulnerability. To be vulnerable is to be more aware of yourself. When you are aware of yourself, you make decisions more consciously.

Be confident about your skills but be mindful of your soft side. It will open new opportunities for you to grow and life will become more fulfilling.

Forgive more, forgive fast

Forgiveness is akin to a vaccination for stress and depression. Forgive others, yourself and your past. It is a kind of unlearning and will help you grow. Perseverance happens through forgiveness. To be a human you need to forgive, and when you do, you become more resilient.

These lessons are my earnings in my four decades of entrepreneurship journey. Let it help you too to move ahead.

About the Author

Radhika Menon is a communications professional with a niche in business writing and storytelling. Among other areas, she focuses on human centric stories and thought leadership.

Note: This article is based on the experiences of Mr. NK Chaudhary, Founder, Jaipur Rugs

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