Search for the Diamonds

This is the story of Suswasa from India who went to South Africa to become rich. South Africa is famous for Diamond Mines. Though many people went there in search of precious stones, only very few were lucky to find them.

Like thousands of people dreaming to be rich quickly, Suswasa also traveled the length and breadth of South Africa. In the process, he spent all his money and was fully exhausted. 

Penniless and tired Suswasa was wandering aimlessly. He desperately wanted to go back home. But he had sold whatever little property he had in India to arrange for the trip to South Africa. So he was very much worried about his future. He kept walking from place to place hoping to get some help.

One day he was amazed to see a Zen monastery. Because Zen monasteries are a common sight in Japan and China, but in South Africa, it is a rare thing. 

There was a beautiful pond and a lone mango tree full of ripe fruits giving a touch of mysticism.

Suswasa thought of meeting Zen Master hoping to get some solace. He went near the pond and picked up a pebble. He threw it at the mango tree. The pebble hit a ripe fruit and fell into the pond.

Suswasa picked up the mango and went inside the Monastery. There he joined many other people standing in the queue. After a while, he was standing in front of the Master. He bowed and offered the mango with reverence.

Master looked at him smilingly and asked, "Do you know how to climb the tree?" Suswasa nodded his head sideways and said " No, I used a pebble lying near the tree to knock down the mango."

"In that case, a diamond has drowned in the pond," said the Master and continued " but do not worry. All the pebbles that you find near the pond are diamonds. Each one is capable of getting you a mango orchard."

Suswasa, on listening to this, managed to suppress his excitement, and once again bowed to the Master and slowly walked out of the Monastery. However, the moment he stepped out of the door, Suswasa ran towards the pond like a dart. He started searching for the diamond among the thousands of pebbles lying over there. This hustle and bustle caught the attention of a person sitting on the bank of the pond with a fishing rod. He was one of the disciples of the Zen Master. He called Suswasa and asked what he was searching. Suswasa narrated the whole story to him. The disciple immediately understood that the Master has given the message through a Koan and started explaining its meaning.

Diamond is a strong, sharp, shining, and priceless substance but appears ordinary in an unpolished state. We are all, each one of us is a diamond. We should become aware of it, that’s all. Otherwise, we look ordinary like a stone. People’s attention on the stone is only till the ripe mango comes down. Once the mango is in the hand, the stone gets neglected, and no one notices that it has sunk into the pond. In the case of diamonds, what happens? People adore it. It is shiny, it is sharp, cuts very hard material with ease and it is priceless and sits even on the heads of kings and queens (crown).

That means everyone is born extraordinary but sometimes appears to be ordinary. In order to know that we are extraordinary, we need to cut and polish the diamond. This process of cutting and polishing is nothing but the problems and hurdles we face in our life. So always remember that the problems and hurdles will bring us the tools necessary to cut and polish the diamond so that it becomes shiny, sharp, and priceless.

So keep telling yourself “I am a diamond and have tools to cut and polish. Therefore I am strong, sharp, shining, and priceless like Kohinoor diamond”.

After listening to this explanation, Suswasa was very happy. Now he understood that there is no point in searching for the Diamond outside when he is the one such Diamond. He thankfully bowed to the disciple. Soon he returned to India. He worked hard knowing well that all the trouble and struggle that he has to face in life are only the tools, which cut and polish the Diamond. This realization made him face all the trouble and struggles of life smilingly and became the owner of many Diamond mines!

About the Author

Subramani Sarode is a Facilitator, Author, and Self-Awareness Guide. He is on a mission to provide simple and easy to practice solutions to de-stress and Rejuvenate on the go! So that the busiest professionals can also be the path of wellness and joyfulness. Subramani Sarode is the author of the book “MY FIRE WITHIN!”.

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  • Nice story. Adversity helps us polish the Diamond within ourselves. Good one, Suswasa