Sense Lens and the Pandemic

Everyone is on familiar terms with washing hands and social distancing that aids alleviating a burgeoning Coronavirus; here are some more submissions to facilitate coping with stress coupled with this pandemic.

Social distancing isn’t social isolation

We have umpteen technology platforms at our disposal; making use of social network would be a good idea to evade feeling isolated. While going to store, lend a hand to neighbours by asking them if they need something that you could bring them. More than the help rendered, it is a feel good effort. But, be careful when there is a neighbour who may be in the vulnerable zone.

Work out, it would help you manage your stress levels. However, taking a brisk walk might not be possible during a lockdown; stay indoors!

Eating a healthy diet reflects in the way one thinks and feels.

Enough sleep is pertinent to have a healthy mind and body, sleep for wellness.

Don’t be news craving

Consume the news moderately. Stay informed on the most up-to-date information about the Coronavirus. However, too much information consumption increases the stress levels. The recurrent nature of the news reports is not good for our mental health. Don’t get immersed into the news reports; try reading a book, watching a pleasant television show or a feel-good movie.

Final tip

Being concerned during this time is a very typical reaction to stress. If you feel that the stress is excessively pressing, please seek out expert help.

Word of hope

In the past, we have come through many hard times; we should get through this trying times with proper care.

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