Teasing Vs Bullying

Positive Teasing

Teasing strengthens relationships as long as the intention is not to hurt someone. It is also a handy tool to express disturbance or irritation due to someone’s impolite public behaviour.  easing is cheery when it happens within two people that are in a strong bond of relationship, when someone who teases uses joke fairly with smile, when someone being teased is not upset etc.

Teasing turns Bullying when…!

The flipside or the extreme of teasing is considered bullying, when it results in humiliating, isolating, and criticizing someone. While teasing fortifies relationships, it can turn menacing  hen people get annoyed. Further, when someone’s appearance is teased it is plainly wounding; nobody is in command of their own appearance. Bullying is when teasing happens over and over again.   

Academic Care

In a school or college environment adults and educators can intervene when teasing is found to turn to Bullying. It should be established in the campus that in no form bullying would be accepted or tolerated.    

Talking with children about why they tease somebody and using that information to help them identify other means of connecting with their equals could be a positive approach to stop bullying. Particularly, make the students understand that bullying is not the way to gain attention of somebody they wish to befriend. Predominantly, children acquire such habits of bullying from their elders at home; however, it should be clarified that such behaviors will not be tolerated. Devise group rules discussing with all students in the class; teach them to treat each other with respect i.e. to respect a person’s physical gap, support people who try new things, and listen when others speak.

Further, when it comes to the child offended, talking to them to know how they feel matters a lot. Children should be let known that they are worthy of being treated. Children who  are being teased should be encouraged to talk to the elders they trust or to caring students of their group.

Adult Care

While directing towards an acceptable behaviour is relatively easy with children, it requires more effort to deal with adults.

Ways to deal with those who tease your appearance Neglect them

Wear your headphones, visualize something humorous that came to pass of late, or log on to social media.


None will probably tease you if you are with your friends; walk away from those who would tease you.

Breathe Deep

Don’t react; instead breathe in slowly through nose and exhale through the mouth. It is a soothing procedure used to battle rage or annoyance. 

Counter the Teasing

If bully is still continuing even after ignoring the issue, deal with the situation head on. Speak to them in private, tell them how you felt, without being excessively emotional and ask them to stop.

Crack a joke

Crack a joke about the slur thrown at you, and improve stuffs that you don’t like about yourself.

Make them look silly.

Any bully who cannot come up with any new substance is equally not witty and will be boring. Make use of that Achilles’ heel to get rid of them. 

What if you tend to become a bully?!

Mull over your own behaviour always be conscious of your own use of teasing; make certain that the impact is constructive. With younger children be aware that they may not  omprehend teasing, particularly sarcasm. Reflect on your own experiences with bullying.


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