To see a spark of creativity come into being is the greatest of the pleasures I would say. But, what about a far-sighted vision considered a mere creative attempt a century ago! It’s weird, alright?! However, it all springs from the human tendency to change or to visualize a changed future world. In this era of disruptive changes, people have lots to boast on the digital media about their future predictions. But, back in 1899, someone had painted the future too nearly picture-perfect to be relevant even today.

It was an era of connectivity - Yes, it was a time when humans were more connected with their own intellect rather than being device-dependent. While devices today help us acquire information, we often settle with the 2D of it. The imagination that arises out of curiosity, which results in creativity - the 3D of thought is what the industry today expects from the millennial workforce. However, visualizing something new must have been relatively easy when there were no aides to perform the task. But, with technologies like AR and VR, when visualizing something that surpasses whatever exist already is an absolute challenge; it requires some moonshot thought process.


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