Weight Loss - It takes both mind and body

Weight Loss - It takes both mind and body

They say, “great things are never easy”, weight loss too wants you to “sweat blood” literally. But unlike the popular belief weight loss is much more than pumping iron and controlled diet. It is a series of events which is testing and trying for weight loss aspirants.

Obesity has emerged as an urban epidemic attacking all the genders, age-groups, and professionals alike. Though bulkiness is usually the result of a sedentary lifestyle, there are certain medical conditions too when there’s a huge weight gain like pregnancy, bed rest post-surgery or hormonal disorders. Weight gain due to post traumatic stress or medical condition needs more attention and prolonged efforts including physical exercises. But weight gain due to a sedentary lifestyle can be treated easily but still shedding pounds can be a roller coaster ride for the doer.

If you’re contemplating shedding a few pounds to go “fab” from “flab” then apart from watching out your diet, you can follow these tips for better results. However, it is always prudent to work

Make-up your mind:

As they say – well begun is half done, nothing can beat the single-minded motivation of the human mind. Motivation is one of the biggest weapons on your mission of shedding pounds. There will be times when your body won’t obey you or you’ll feel an urge to stay inside your cozy quilts on frosty mornings, your single-minded devotion will be the driving force here. Once you can make-up your mind your body will follow. But also keep a room for cheating and relaxing, and a day off will recharge you like never before.

Power of food:

Food is not just a fuel we fill in to survive in the mundane world, but it is more than that. Hunger is one of the basic instincts of living beings including humans. Thus, food doesn’t remain just a physical requirement but also a psychological need. Food gives us unparalleled comfort and nutrition, calms agitated minds, and gives us the strength to go ahead. Therefore, diet becomes paramount when one decides to get rid of obesity.

A well chalked diet plan can not only ease weight loss but also helps the body to cope with the tremendous pressure and wear and tear of the muscles. Diet plan doesn’t imply on cutting off the grease but to include all the vital nutrients and adequate amount of water. Nowadays there are various diet packages available online and offline as well whereas there are some popular forms of exotic diet plans- Keto diet and paleo diet are also garnering a lot of eyes. But if you want to stick to the “tried and tested” method you can go through these tips, they can certainly be useful for a beginner. Here we go-

  1. Cut down on carbs- Well, honestly this sentence has become synonymous with diet plan and weight loss. People assume that eliminating carbohydrate from their diet can work wonders for them. However, carbohydrate is the only food which is actually needed to rejuvenate your brain cell. Rather than eliminating carbohydrates totally, eat them in fewer quantities without adding grease.
  1. Plenty of water: As you pump the iron harder, body gives out more water as a result body becomes dehydrated. To compensate this loss, keep yourself hydrated by adding more water than usual. Water helps in weight reduction as it stops the eater from feeling empty. Adequate water also helps in proper digestion of the food and keeps your skin healthy.
  2. Dry fruits: Dry fruits are one of the boons to the mankind. Loaded with antioxidants and other vital acids, dry fruits can be called the super foods. Ditch your evening snacks for a handful of dry fruits; this can be both healthy and easy. But don’t pick a fried dry fruit packet. It has a lot of oil.
  3. More Proteins: Try to consume more and more protein. Protein is the building blocks of our cells and proteins also help in the repair of the injured muscles. Protein fills the stomach like carbohydrate but without grease.

Right moves:

Yes, you need to be nimbler, and workout is paramount. But as they say work smart and not work hard. Make a plan for workout and never forget to seek the help of a professional.

  • Be specific about your body requirements
  • Keep vital stats like-age, weight, and medical conditions (if any) in mind before starting out
  • Never forget to pay attention, if a specific body part has a recurring ache or receives an injury.
  • Please maintain personal hygiene of you are working out in a public gym- use your own mat, towel, and bring your own water bottle.
  • Remember to keep variety in your workout- jogging twice a week and swimming on weekends and practicing tennis once a week will keep you excited and will train all the parts of your body.


Everything is in your mind, and it is true. Mind power of humans is immense. Once you can train your mind to believe in yourself, the journey towards transformation will become easier and speedier. Unleash your mind power with meditation and mindfulness to attain a sound mind as well as a sound body.

One farewell tip - Always remember, the beginning is the hardest. But once you decide to push yourself after the initial hiccups, nobody can stop you!

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