Why deciding to love yourself will be your boldest and wisest decision ever?

Why deciding to love yourself will be your boldest and wisest decision ever?

If you happen to have a social media account on any of the popular platforms, you would have seen numerous posts about self-love and how it can potentially change your life. Now, most people read only what is in the picture, and rarely go through the entire post. Consequently, only a small piece of content gets registered in their mind about the importance of this journey. Even though all such posts are great, but, while scrolling down, when people see eye-catching pictures with perfectly toned bodies and picture-perfect lives, the message gets polluted, in my opinion.

At one moment, you would get excited to love yourself unconditionally, and the next one you are comparing the not-so happening life that you seem to be stuck in. From where does one get on this journey of self-love, then? Pertinent question on this particular aspect of life that should have solid answers so that people would actually be in love with themselves!

Of course, I have also been on both sides of the garden with the green grass here, and I can openly share with the world, that living on the barren land where you give heartless reactions to yourself, is a place that never lets anyone grow truly into their best selves. Constant comparisons, nitpicking all your flaws and making them bigger than they are, demotivating yourself, because the world would say you are not worthy of a life that you dream, and lacking the sense of faith in your own capabilities; all these and much more are the zones where one lives in, when they don't love themselves.

The way out though, is the one that has the ability to see the brightest light at the end of the tunnel. If you have never felt compassion, kindness, and love for yourself, and you may want to be on that journey, then among other things that I would like to share is that you will realize that you should have started to love yourself sooner.

Almost everyone reaches a point of the perceived no-return to a happy life when they find a route to this journey, and once they are on it, there is definitely no turning back. But, touching on this topic just on the surface of it, will not make the cut. You will have to take some deep dives into the mechanisms of your behavior towards yourself, meditative introspections will be needed, journaling out your thoughts may become a regular part of your life, but all this hard work will pay off when you will start to feel that love for yourself.

If you are interested to go through any of the above-mentioned things, there are plenty of meditations and exercises on YouTube, which can be followed. But, just as everything worthwhile comes to you after you work for it, even that elusive love for yourself will have to be built like a muscle, because the World, in general, is out there to make you not like yourself for anything. In this case, when you decide to love yourself unconditionally for everything that you are, it would be a very big, bold and courageous step towards the life of your dreams.    

How is that you may ask? Well, it is actually very simple. When you love yourself, you are better able to see and decide what you want. After making those decisions, you are also in a greater position to be disciplined to work for those goals that you have chosen as a part of the growth of your life. Finally, you are able to move towards everything you desire. And because it all started with love, chances are highest that you will achieve most of the things that your mind and heart had chosen in the first place. If you also have a slight understanding of vibrations that feelings and emotions have, then you would know that the vibrations of self-love are so strong that they actually pull in the best of life for you, almost like a magnet.

All of this may even sound very bookish or like a speech from TEDx, but I can vouch for it because I have done this. I was someone who used to hate everything about my life, and over the years, as I have found to love myself, little by little, I have actually gained a lot, whether that be emotional fulfillment, financial freedom, physical strength and beauty, and the best of people who have helped me grow simply because I was myself with them. All of this happened, only after I had started to believe in my capabilities, and had started to say in the mirror, "I LOVE YOU." Yes, it does sound weird to say it like that and for the first few weeks, I never even believed myself, but as the habit grew, the love became stronger for the person standing there, holding me up all these years, handling all my tantrums and tortures, but still being there for me. I can actually say that this journey has been the best one yet, because falling down, and then getting up, taking all the motivation to be yourself, was all the motivation I needed to be ME.    

Definitely, this self-love path is not something that uniformly comes in every person's life at a certain age. It comes for those who are chosen to walk on this path. When you fall in love with yourself, you would start a beautiful journey that will take you to the best of everything in life. After that, you would not accept anything that you don't deserve. Blooming into your best self will be a part of your life and if that is not life itself, then I don't know what is!

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