What If Someone Called You An Orange?

Imagine someone calling you some fruit, like an orange. That would be strange, right? But being called 'big,' or 'not smart' can hurt deeply. These labels can cause significant discontent, anger,?and distress. You feel this way because certain words can trigger and the reaction to these is being "triggered". Triggers happen when something touches your fears or things you are insecure about. It's important to pause and reflect about why certain things can make you feel this way. 

Being triggered does not only mean feeling angry or unhappy. It's as if your emotions are on overdrive and you can't seem to control them. You may find yourself yelling and lashing out at whatever caused you. Or perhaps you do the opposite: you shut down, retreat inside yourself, and become mute. It's as if your brain presses the panic button, and you're suddenly responding on instinct, without thinking things through. A person's reaction to being triggered might vary greatly; it is unique to each person. While you may not always control what triggers you — whether it's words or actions from others — you do have agency over how you react. 

So, what's the best way to handle being triggered? One effective approach is to pause and focus on slowing down your breathing. Take a deep breath in through your nose, hold it for a moment, then breathe out slowly through your mouth. Breathing helpings in hitting the reset button for your emotional reaction. Creating this pause is crucial because it gives you time to think and choose how to respond calmly. Making these techniques a habit takes time. Give your best shot by consistently incorporating deep breathing and pausing into your daily routine - you're building emotional resilience one breath at a time. 

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Aadhyathmika Reddy a psychologist with 3+ years experience. She has a collective experience working as an Intern, Special Educator, Global Volunteer, and Consultant Psychologist in multiple organizations having taken over 1000+ therapy sessions. She has worked with clients of all ages – helping them in managing a wide range of mental health concerns. 

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