Action or Excuse

March 15th, 2019, I was traveling back from college after delivering a speech in a women’s day program. I never realized that it would be the last day of going outside. The Corona disease was at the peak and the nationwide lockdown started from March 22nd onwards. Like every other business and school, we had to close down our office and I was completely clueless about what we need to do in the future. I was equally concerned about the studies and the other learning aspects of children. 

While I was contemplating the same, the whole month just went away in a jiffy without taking any ACTION. It was almost April. I didn't know where to start. One day while I was browsing the emails, I saw the invitation to join the Zoom session by my mentor. I joined the session without any agenda. However, it was an eye-opener for me on how to conduct online sessions through Zoom. 

There was a time period in life, where people from the US have asked me to conduct online sessions for their children wherein, I denied stating that only physical mode of transformation works, not other online means of sessions. So, this time, Corona forced me to take yet another decision which is beyond my comfort zone and moving forward to change all the sessions online. 

So, we have dedicated our time to prepare content for Creative Writing, Storytelling, Public Speaking, Life Mastery programs for children from the age group of 5 years to 17 years. It was a humongous effort to create content, equipping us with the energy and the right kind of mindset to transform children. I must say that the first online batch itself was a big hit and the children wanted to enrol themselves into the Public Speaking Program. 

Many parents said that their child is not very much interested in the school studies, however, they were eagerly waiting for Story Carpet sessions. Most of the children login 15 minutes before the appropriate time. Many parents have requested to take sessions for school teachers as their children are running away from the systems whereas the children in Story Carpet sessions are hard to move off from the screen. They are ready to sit for long hours too. 

Seeing the children getting transformed, the adults also wanted to be part of our programs. So, we sat and put together sessions on Personality Development and Communication which can create a difference for them. The adults were transforming, and they were happy to be part of our programs. So, the professor who wanted to move to another college could visualize his dream come true, the trainers who wanted to use English as their communication could communicate in English, an IT professional could present to the client with loads of confidence. 

Overall, the programs have been attended by children from all around the globe and has been benefited directly from the workshops and it's almost 13 batches. Currently, we have progressed to have 5 trainers, mentored/educated 500 students and 31,200 minutes of training. Apart from this we have also touched and transformed almost 1000 students during lockdown and 62,400 minutes of training during this period of lockdown.

From a point of not knowing what to do, where to start to a position of transforming children from US, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Dubai, UAE, Morocco, Vietnam, London and help them identify their inner potential, strength, freedom and uplifting their confidence, creativity, curiosity and improving their leadership skill made a lot of difference.

Also, we have created financial breakthroughs for us and the trainers who worked for us. It was indeed a glorious moment as their families were happy.

Because of the work we did, CIMSME has also offered the role of "Global Women Ambassador" to touch and transform children from all over the world. So, in this pandemic phase even though the dream to travel to multiple destinations around the world collapsed, the world coming over to us has not stopped and I think this is a revolution. 

If we visualise and aim for a change, any shift could happen anywhere. But the question is, “Are you willing to take the ACTION to create a difference?”

About the Author

Ms. Mubeen Irshad is an Author, Storyteller, Motivational Speaker, and a Trainer. She is the Director of Story Carpet that believes in transforming children and adults through Storytelling, Public Speaking, and Creative Writing. She has received the “Top 100 Women Entrepreneurs award” from Ooruni Foundation and “Women on the rise” from Cynergy Writers Forum, Mumbai. Her trademark is “Educate, Express, and Emerge.

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