Cognition Chemistry & Cosmos (C-C-C)

Its not a scientific topic, just want to take you towards the essential purpose of your life, just want to introduce you to yourself, and make you know what you can do and how you can feel.

Its strange to see man deemed to be the intelligent species and considered to be the one who can mould things according to his needs, actually fails to often discover that he is not using much of his maneuvering skills.

See what is he acquainted with, what does he want, what is he struggling for? Paradoxically the answer is

"Sheer unconscious fruitlessness"

Taking you through a man’s life of today, he claims that information is abundant, but he is falling short of truth, he is getting tossed between deciding what is fake and what is not!

Continuing further, he feels that literacy rate is making everyone educated but his exhibition of skills, talent,knowledge is a fiasco.

Going beyond, love is an eternal, ubiquitous, precious, and a blissful feeling. So soothing that he is craving for, being redefined, reformed for his own betterment and to his own understanding has become just a lament. Love has lost its sheen in the man’s figment.

Stepping forward

Spirituality, one thing that connects him with the cosmic world, the one that makes him nurture the billion stars and galactic space into a minute dot.

This energy which can untether his core gives him effervescence, makes him immortal, and is just giving him trivial ramifications.

Moving further

Happiness and satisfaction being the ultimate goals of every species of this earth but man of today inclined towards many other extraneous goals like money, power and luxuries which is itself the denouement of his perplexed life.

Striding next, man being a social animal and always craved for being with which resulted in colonies, cities now has chaos and detachments. So, what is he looking for, an aggregate pay-off in a hollow opportunity.

Leaving you these bread crumbs to enlighten you about the simple things of life!

To wrap it up, let us cease the pace of our life for a moment and restart it and be the embodiments of values and epitome of true humane by possessing good education, love relationships and goals.

Let the world be filled with love and peace!

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