Do you fear becoming successful?

The successful people will always move with a positive and motivated mindset towards their life. Those people not only have a positive attitude but also express it consistently. 

Positive attitude impacts everything. It directs your thoughts, your energy and most of all, the actions you take. The mantra of successful people is “Accept Failure. Everyone fails at something, but they won’t give up trying”.

People who are hungry for success get inspired through motivational books, videos and mentors.

Motivational resources give many valuable insights essential for human development. These resources explain why we set goals, why we experience emotions like fear, anger, and compassion.

Motivation is so valuable that it helps individuals to act upon bringing the uniqueness within. It also helps us to gain precious values like personal growth and success. 

Use affirmatives to motivate yourself with statements like: “I have great goals”, I will achieve my goals”, I will come out of my comfort zone”.

Get your dreams realized by staying positive towards the vision for achieving your goals. But only a few understand the power and enthusiasm of this. 

Motivation is a pathway to change our way of thinking, feeling, and behaving.

Ask yourself

How many times have you thought of improving your life? 

How many times have you told yourself you will improve your life? 

How many times have you defaulted in some aspects of your life?

The answer to all the questions is that you must possess determination and self-motivation. Motivate yourself with passion and an insatiable curiosity which will help you to achieve your goals. 

When we speak about achieving goals and passion, there are two types of people: 

  1. People who may think that they have made enough efforts to achieve their goal, but luck doesn’t work out for them.
  2. People will fear to get into the task due to their apprehensions about the results. 

In some cases, people will hesitate to take help from others due to feeling inferior. It would be best if you do not feel ashamed in consulting or your peers, elders, mentors and teachers for ideas and suggestions; sometimes you get better clarity by discussing with them.

Fear; a kind of negative thought, which will make people weaker and, due to this, people may doubt their own skill level and change their mind to step back from implementing tasks successfully. It also leads to losing faith in them.

Below are the ways to work on your goals.

People can split the goal into different stages, which will make it quickly achievable. Concentrate on each stage; make a plan for each of it, you can come up with the best results.

Give your project or activity a title and then starting working on it by following the below steps:

Goal: Aim of the project?

Obstacles: Challenges that make the process difficult?

Time Frame: Time that can be spent on each stage?

Outcome: What must be the outcome of the stage?

The above steps will define what and how many tasks should be performed within a time limit to achieve a goal, so that you can work on another goal.

Build your routine by energizing the mind with positive thoughts and spirit. By incorporating positive thoughts in your mind you can face new challenges with ease. Your mind will not threaten you with fear of failure or disappointments that put you down to a stressful condition.

Come out with an idea, look for possibilities in you, and definitely, results will be colourful.

When you are on your mission to achieve your goals, motivation plays a significant role. It helps you to tackle the challenges and struggles that you will come along.

Ultimately, you’ll learn to overcome negative thoughts when you are motivated.

About the Author

Maninder Kaur Puri, is a successful sales professional with 18+ years experience in the Aviation Industry. She holds a Master’s in Commerce and a Diploma in Business Administration. She is a motivational speaker, on a mission to encourage people and build self-confidence in them.


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