Growing Healthy Minds

Growing Healthy Minds

Growth of mind, body, and soul is a must for overall development. We have been blessed with a life served on a platter, which we garnish with our experiences. Let's consume it to the optimum.

We sow a seed and put the right amount of water, and manure, and keep a track of time and temperature. Then we wait for the seed to become plumule. Within no time we will enjoy the company of the plant which will become a strong tree one day.

But why are we talking about a plant and how it's grown? Actually, the same is the process of nurturing a child.

Values, ethics, gratitude, empathy, and respect for every being is seeded in a child since his first day in this universe. It can't be infused suddenly. It's a long-term investment that helps in the enhancement of the overall personality of a child.

As the wheel turns, the potter shapes and squeezes the lump of clay into a graceful shape. The child is just like a potter's clay which must be molded properly so that there is no deformation and grows as a worthy being mentally, morally, and physically.

Parenting is the hardest job you will ever have. Shaping a child from zero to making him feel worthy of himself is a life-long task. From holding a finger to holding hands to walking shoulder to shoulder and feeling achieved. It's a journey from nurturing to nature. Let's celebrate life and value it.

Furthermore, the moment we realize the importance of our existence and start valuing ourselves at that moment we are the true winners in every aspect of life. But for a child to grow and become a self-made human he needs to be taking care of his mind and body.

For this, a student must have faith in himself and must start building mental resilience as it is one of the most important aspects of a happy and healthy life. Uncertainty of adverse situations gives way to stress, anxiety, severe restlessness, and traumatic mental and physical conditions.

There is always a way out in such adverse situations. Therefore, to stay resilient in any given situation a student must practice

  1. Acceptance – Accepting the stressor and uncertainties. Need a plan to deal with it one at a time. The future is unpredictable, so beginning to deal with situations of the present and thinking of the near future will positively help.
  2. Mindfulness – It should be brought to daily activities. Focus on one task at a time. This will help in building resilience.
  3. Gratitude – Gratitude should be an Attitude. Respect and appreciate what you have and stop focusing on negative aspects even if the mind takes you there. If practiced daily, then it will help you in analyzing and finding positivity in everything.
  4. Breathing Mindfully – Breathing exercise for 5-10 mins can help you calm down. It also helps in focus generation.
  5. Be more helpful – A friend in need is a friend indeed. Helping others develops a sense of purpose and will boost self-worth. We can always rely on them.

Let's lead the change we need to see in ourselves by simply accepting it. Life is all about trying to be the best version of oneself every day for which you have to accept the change in life with open arms.

As change is the only constant, so is life. Experience teaches us a lot and we need to acknowledge that circumstances change, as do people we meet and interact with.

Resilience, persistent efforts, being passionate about whatever you indulge in and staying focused, placid, positive, and pleasant make a person mentally and physically healthy.

Nothing comes easy so is mental health and resilience. We need to practice remaining happy, positive, and content with what we have. We can't change things around us, but we can definitely choose between resilience and negative aspects which have adverse effects on our health.

Be mindful! If you are happy, you will feel as if everyone is happy. Let's grow together, as together we can!

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Dr. Anjila Singh Mehla is a Ph.D. in English, an expert in business communication, and a LinkedIn enthusiast. She has authored the book "The Self in Society: Exploring Cultural Embeddedness in Gloria Naylor’s Fiction" and has trained thousands of students on business etiquette.

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