Keep Calm. Work like Rajinikanth.

Nine years ago, the famous film director Bharathiraja, on the stages of the digital re-release of the then blockbuster 16 Vayathiniley, revealed the salary of Superstar Rajinikanth. The Director said that the deal was closed at INR 3000 after a bargain from the actor's initial quote of INR 5000. The worst part was the Superstar was paid only INR 2500, and still there was an impending pay of INR 500.

On the contrary, Kamal Haasan was paid a whopping sum of INR 27,000 for his character in the movie, as he was an established actor already.

One more revelation was that on the location, only the lead players Kamal Haasan and Sridevi (the female lead) were offered tender coconut during the breaks; Rajinikanth was not eligible for such treatment.

Now wait! That was all behind the scenes. Just look at the way the Superstar sits in this frame. The poise, the power, and the performance! Outstanding, isn't it? This particular character "Parattai", which could be loosely translated into the "rugged" in today's fashion is still celebrated by his fans and by the movie buffs in general.

The question is, had the Superstar delivered a lesser performance, equating his salary that day, would he have become the unrivalled Superstar today?

To me, the Superstar in this frame expresses commitment, accountability, and delivery. Had he compromised in any of these owing to the less pay and zero perks, he couldn't have earned the larger-than-life stardom in his career.

Today, people engage in a wage war, job-shopping with offer letters from different companies, even before landing their first jobs. Though it is considered a smart move in today’s context, it shouldn’t become a behaviour. Moreover, commitment takes a backseat as expectations keep changing gears.

On the other hand, there are people joining the new-age workforce that are worried and lamenting about the perks enjoyed by their seniors, unwilling to discuss with them about the path and the effort made by them to reach such point in career. Moreover, in today’s context career is evolving from hopping jobs to bagging hikes etc.

In short, we are able to witness a generation that looks for a ladder-escalator.

When you make a humble start, or starting over again after a fall, never worry for what you are at the moment; give your full to your role and earn a better tomorrow. Even if things don't work, remember you are still the king of your life; keep hitting!

Keep calm! Work like Rajinikanth!

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