Let’s Chnaeg

Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change. – Dr. Wayne Dyer

In many different situations, we question numerous people in daily life. We are looking for solutions to the numerous hidden truths that surround us. We never stop asking questions in search of answers that are necessary to know, beneficial to know, unimportant, or inappropriate to know. We learn the necessary information by reading, talking with ChatGPT, meeting new individuals, and occasionally by experiencing it ourselves. We are frequently questioned as well.

There are many questions that one should ask themselves to grow personally. Let's give it a shot. Begin by writing the questions below on a piece of paper. Try answering (writing down) these questions every day for 21 days.

  • As you read this essay, what other ideas crossed your mind? Enter the number of further thoughts. There should at least be two or more thoughts, multitasking, right? Let’s be Mindful.
  • When was the last time you attempted something for the first time? Let’s be adventurous. LIVE LIFE
  • When did you last devote quality time to your interest or passion? Make sure you maintain your momentum by devoting quality time to your passion.
  • How many times have you waited until the 19th ring before your call is answered? Why are you hurried? We're restless, why? You may have spoken to the person you wanted to in a few extra seconds. Let’s have a minimum amount of patience.
  • Have you "Asked for help" today? The resources available to us make it perfectly acceptable to ask for assistance. We don't have a lot of time to keep trying to innovate. Raise your hand for help.
  • Are you prepared to deliver your elevator speech? Did you once review the same monthly? We have a duty to “Brand and Brag” about ourselves. Google for "elevator speech"
  • Have you used or reviewed the SAVED Instagram/Facebook posts/reels for future reference? Let's try to browse the contents of SAVED.

Expand the list of pertinent inquiries and compel yourself to respond each day.

Let's give this easy daily regimen a try!

“Just do it, at your own pace.”

Morning pages: Every morning, get up 10 minutes earlier than normal and write down 3 pages of everything that comes to mind, including praise, complaints, criticisms, expressions of thanks, ridiculous thoughts about oneself, and anything else. 5 positive (affirmative) statements should be added to the end of your note. This notebook is ONLY for your eyes.


I’m lucky that I got my lost pen. I could not digest what Meera said about me in the session. I think I should wake up early and do yoga every morning. I should not have written that rude email to X person, and so on.

I know today is the best day.

I will wake up at 5:30am every morning.

I’m strong to face the exam/interview.

  • They help you focus and unwind.
  • They aid in your creative exploration.
  • They assist in silencing your greatest adversary.
  • They help you feel calmer.
  • They will aid you in developing your idea generation skills.

Time for self-reflection. This lets us release any leftover baggage from the previous day. Every positive (affirmative) statement ensures that you believe it.

I’m very much sure your life and lifestyle will CHANGE J

About the Author

Lakshmi Priya, LP, personally an Artist, donates collections from her Art exhibition to charity. Conducts Art therapy workshops to differently abled kids and children around the world.

Professionally, IT employee with around 2 decades of experience in working with people and machines. Diversity and Inclusion representative, active CSR STEM volunteer. Active person on LinkedIn, awarded one of the Beat Brand promoters of the Year 2022.

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