Mine inside to shine outside

Have you ever noticed your life? Have you ever tried to know yourself and tried to figure out the purpose of your living? Are you living your life or just breathing? What kind of domains do you expect from your life? I can assure you, three out of five people don’t recognize the main domains of their life and these people are none-other-than, the people who are in the beginning stage of adult or teenage phase.

Every single human life on this earth is born with some talent and skills within; they have to dig up and find out their actual cause of living on this mighty planet. Some are lucky enough to work out on their hidden talents, and some even earn through it. Unlike these talented people, some people are still out there who don’t realize the purpose of their lives; struggling to get to know their talents. Isn’t it confusing yet fascinating? Waking up every morning but don’t see the purpose of utilizing the time you live or pass it by casually.

People in this world are still describing a “good life” in terms of pursuing a degree and getting paid 9 to 6 jobs. No one ever spoke about pursuing a degree from your university by getting to knowing yourself more with some education with it. Don’t you think if everyone knows themselves in this world, every person will do wonders and call out to be a fantastic creature on this whole planet?

Execution and Goal Settings

Well, let me start you by explaining some Inner wheels of life. These inner wheels of life that permits you to take a pause for a moment and make you understand life’s internal satisfaction level at times. Some essential domains display your interest, skills, and talents.

You need to know how this domain and their intersection works if these interests, skills, and knowledge coincide, it means you’ve reached the peak level of your professional success.

The below Venn diagram help you to understand the meaning of success.

Find your passion, live your purpose, sculpt your profession

The most crucial step is to identify our skills, and grab the opportunities we get with full interest, connect those domains and then optimize them to search for the right career.

The next step is to try our potential for meeting up the expectations which we want to get for our purposeful future.

Hence, passion navigation is essential for every youth to reach their destination, apart from pursuing a degree.

What to mine, where to mine, when to mine.

  • Simple; mine your skills to enhance your skills
  • Mine your interest and hobbies to transform them into passion
  • Mine on your life domain like values, characters, lifestyle to develop your personality.
  • Mine inside yourself to SHINE in your own world.

About the Author

Mohammed Aslum Mahadum Shah is the Chief Passion Mentor of Mine2Shine School of Passion Navigation. He is a Certified Life Purpose Coach and an Employability Skills Trainer. He is also a Career mentor.

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