One thing that is stopping your growth

One thing that is stopping your growth

Worried about your growth? read this...

Everything is great or otherwise it starts with a Question – Curiosity is at the core of all creation and growth. Both (asking questioning and answering questions) would lead to new dimensions, a new perspective, and new solutions. When a child is naturally curious about some new things, it learns and grows very fast. When we grow, our mind gets diverted in dealing with routine also there is a fear of how people will react - and that kills the curiosity and makes us mediocre and outdated.

This is easier said than done – when you have to complete daily tasks on time – you would forget asking questions and you follow the routine and uncomplicatedness wins over the possibility. You may be very productive and may deliver desired results but if you are not asking questions and thinking about new possibilities then you are limiting your options. 

Even in your personal space curiosity takes a back seat now because of screen time – everyone is so much engaged in the short-term pleasure of watching something interesting and new – there is plenty of content that will keep you busy and kill your growth.

Just think about the past – when you grow it is because of your curiosity (the questions and answers for the questions) – whenever you remain idle your growth would get stopped. I am not against entertainment, screen time, or routine performance – but being curious brings creativity in everything you do and makes you grow one question or answer at a time.

Stop. Think.

Is your mental output more than input? This is the surest symptom of lack of curiosity. You will slowly lose your creativity and growth. Immediately start asking specific and purposeful questions. Also start encouraging and listening patiently to the questions asked by the people around you. Redefine problems and question every time. Listen to your inner child and stop curbing your inner child that wants to know more and to do more differently.

Deep dive into everything around you - research and ask more probing questions. Surround yourself with people who appreciate questions and ask a lot of questions. Ask yourself every day - what and how much did I learn today? Think Possibilities and Make it Possible.

Bring your focus to your Growth so that you will naturally start asking questions. When you focus on growth – you don’t know about anything. Don’t wait for any external inspiration, motivation, or trigger; start asking questions and researching your environment for new ways, new solutions, and push yourself nearer to the unknown.

Be curious about your rapid growth that will start happening. Curiosity open your eyes wider to see newer opportunities for you.

Happy Questioning.

One Question can change the game for you.

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Ratnesh Jain is helping businesses succeed and making it happen for entrepreneurs. Runs a 15-year-old Boutique Executive Search & Talent Acquisition firm. Is Strategic Advisor to few growing companies. IIM Ahmedabad alumnus with 30+ yrs of professional and entrepreneurship experience in executive search, business consulting, fintech, Retail banking, FMCG, telecom, education, and wellness.

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